discharge information Please


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It was building up! When I arrive at the guy's House/business. I knocked on the door, He opened the door and said come on in I'm finishing up my pkg. Thats when I ask him if I could use his restroom. It was his garage that he converted in his office. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.
No need to pee or crap off the clock!


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Sounds like you screwed up recording school stops and accidentally did not record one and unfortunately found it too late in the day, causing a missed commercial stop
Even so it’s a human error not dishonesty or anything that comes close to a cardinal sin. Unless he been having similar error over and over and it’s been documented in previous warning letters and suspension it’s not a righteous termination.
Ive been driving for 23 years. On January 11th 2023 (Wednesday) I had 162 stops 319 pkgs I was bulked out!
Well My Supervisor followed me for 4 hours. The next day they took me out of service for an investigation . They told me to come in on Monday to discuss . First They asked if I took My full hour lunch, I told them yes But I took 10 mins around 1pm and a 50 min after I finished my Route . Yes It was after the 8th hour.

2nd they questioned my day, Example: Why did it take you 7 mins to Deliver 1 pkg to 2818 south st.? 727 carondelet st, 1 pkg. 7 mins? 600 carol st 7 mins 1 pkg? I told them I Dont remember but i can promise you I was working, Which is the Truth, I cannot remember what i did 2 hours ago sometimes.
3rd I had 25 pkgs going to a school . I opened the back and started talking a few big boxes out of my pkg car just so I
can find all 25 boxes for the school. according to info. from the Diad . I scanned some boxes put them onto the dolly . came back for the 2nd load BUT at 11:17 I voided 1 box , which is bull:censored2:, Why would I intentionally do that. Then I loaded the dolly with the rest of the boxes. When I counted the boxes it was 25 , (to my knowledge). I completed the stop at 11:23. When I got back to the pkg car I loaded up the few boxes I took off and went to the next stop. At 7:00pm I found a box for that School. So I scanned it just to see what it would say. It said "this pkg was already has been delivered " (I swear I saw that ) I should have taking a picture of that. So If it was voided then how come it said already been delivered? So I called a manager and they said to sheet it up as missed. (I did record him saying that). Oh I left something out, They said I only delivered 24 at the school.

4th Hes where its total Bull:censored2: , They said I was creating more stops in my diad. Example: If I have 2 pkges for 1 stop I would get 2 stops out the deal. They said I did that to about 13 stops. I would never do that to jeopardize my career .

5th I had to pick up a call tag at this guys house/business , He converted his garage into his office,
when I knocked on the door he said come in im getting the pkg ready, I said great can I use your restroom while you get the pkg ready. Do i did! They watched me go into his office. They said why didnt you code out 10 mins of your lunch? Im sure we are required to use the bathroom on the ckock. So thats steeling time according to them. Dont mean to be gross but I didnt just pee in the bathroom.

So they Discharged me for What I just typed, Voiding that pkgs, and using the bathroom on company time.

I go to the local hearing on Tuesday January 31 . What do you guys think? I need some feed back! thanks
When I see a supervisor following me I go straight to the police station.


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When I see a supervisor following me I go straight to the police station.
Smack them hard.