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    Found this on the internet. Could not find any reference to UPS or NASCAR in relation to numbers.
    More than you need to know........

    When it comes to picking those winning numbers for lotteries, Westerners tend to choose those with some personal significance.

    Birth dates, ages of their children and, of course, lucky numbers are all popular choices.
    In China, the importance of, and obsession with, specific numbers goes much deeper...

    Here we try to uncover some of the mysteries.

    People are prepared to spend quite a bit of money making sure of "favorable" numbers.
    In 2000 December, a businessman in Xiamen paid more than $25,000 for a phone number ending with five 8s, because ba, the pronunciation of 8 in Chinese, sounds similar to that of fa, the Chinese character for "prosperity."

    The Chinese concept of numerology is shared with other cultures and is based on mystical as well as Taoist traditions, namely the I-Ching, or "Book of Changes."

    According to the Taoist tradition, odd numbers are considered to be male or yang; even numbers are feminine, or yin.

    Zero: Represents nothingness, completion and God. It has no beginning and no end, but is infinite. Zero is symbolized by a circle.

    One: Portends honor and leadership. And one also symbolizes something constant in the development of things. So when Chinese use numbers to start off idioms, phrases or sayings, the overwhelming first choice is the numeral one, used about four times as often as the next most popular.

    Two: Stands for "doubling up." Being made up of 1 and 1, two is the number of co-operation, the balance between two opposite poles, yin and yang, man and woman. A very popular Chinese saying affirms that "Happiness comes in Twos."

    Three: allows all things to be possible. It is the number of luck and success.

    It is also a spiritual number. According to the I-Ching, three stands for Heaven, Earth and Man. When Chinese bow to offer incense, it is always done three times.

    Four: Four is the number of material order.

    The geometrical shape of the number four represents the physical world, as is often found in architecture, a square base symbolizing ground contrasts with the round roof symbolizing the sky. This is believed to maintain a celestial and earthly balance.

    Five: A very popular number in Chinese culture since it occupies the central position (one through nine) and also reflects the Five Elements Philosophy-water, gold, wood, fire and earth.

    It is also associated with the five blessings wished upon families and individuals on auspicious occasions, namely long life, wealth, health, love of virtue and a natural death.

    Six: Sounds similar to the word "wealth" in Chinese, and therefore is considered very auspicious.
    Seven: has always been a universally auspicious number, from the seven wonders of the world and seven deadly sins, to the seven-day week and seven hills of Rome. China is equally enchanted by the number. It sounds like "sure" in Chinese. Buddhists believe in seven reincarnations and seven weeks of mourning following a death.

    Eight: Sounds like "multiply" in Chinese and is considered a fertile number.

    Geometrically, it is the octagon, two interlaced squares or the eight pointed bagua, avery auspicious shape often used in fengshui for protection.

    Nine: Is the greatest of all primary numbers because it contains the qualities of all the others. It is complete in itself and needs no other number to complement it.

    Nine stands for the final state of completion, the ultimate fulfillment.

    At one time it was considered the sole preserve of the emperor. If a courier made a robe with nine dragons on it, if found he would be sentenced to death along with all his families and relatives. The country was composed of nine continents with nine provinces.

    However, in different dialects of China, numbers may take on different complexions.

    For examples, in Cantonese the number two is fortunate, because it sounds similar to "easy" in the dialect. Three is associated with living or giving birth, eight with prosperity, and nine with eternity or power.

    Combinations of numbers are also prized for their punning references to good luck and prosperity, the two most important issues in the minds of many Cantonese.
    This belief that certain numbers bring good luck is often put into practice when naming businesses and clubs that hope to attract customers.

    Yet numbers are not always considered lucky. The numeral four, pronounced si in bothe putonghua and Cantonese, sounds similar to the character for "death." Thus many people tried to choose a home or business phone number without a four.
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    great post afups! So Dale would be double fertile?
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    Dale E Jr and Dale Jarrett are big time pals outside of the racing network. DEI I think would be a much better team with Dale as a 3rd driver, but do not think he can compete with the top 2 in DEI (Dale Jr and Waltrip). Anyway you want to look at it, Dale must complete races without having motor problems before he could even compete again.
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    What's even more interesting in this mix of what is the chance Jarrett goes to DEI and UPS goes with him? Pennzoil already said they won't be primary sponsor in 04' and Ty Norris trying to keep Pennzoil as associate. You can sure bet the marketing/ad folks brain gears are turning right now thinking of UPS ads using not only DJ but also using Jr. who is no doubt the hottest property in NASCAR. Even NAPA is using Jr. with Mikey in their ads. DJ would be a good addition at DEI because he has good grasp of mid-size tracks which is where DEI is lacking but not as bad as once known. Add to that DJ gets into a car at the plate tracks that is a real serious contender. Silly Season this year will be real interesting to say the least.

    As a side note John Andretti recently tested for DEI and the #1 car.
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    Biggest Gain this week: Jeff Gordon, Ryan Newman, Elliott Sadler, Jamie McMurray, up three spots

    Biggest Drop this week: Dale Jarrett, down seven spots

    Dropped out: Ricky Craven (22), Dave Blaney (25).
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    Jarrett to DEI? Won't happen.

    Stewart (and Home Depot) to DEI? Could happen.

    Just my 2 1/2 cents.
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    And UPS would not use Jr, he is too wild for thier image. JMHO

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    Not a good year for DJ. I am not a big NASCAR expert, but maybe is car is too slow?

    A little OJS is in order...
    Go UPS!
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    Dale needs a good PMI first.
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    <font color="0000ff">Is UPS's only major sponsor Dale Jarrett and NASCAR? You'd think they'd tap into the European market by sponsoring a soccer team or two over there. I mean UPS is a global company so why not?</font>
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    UPS at one time sponsored a Porche GT3 on the European Raod Course scene but I don't know if this is still the case. As for NASCAR, they are broadcast in over 100 countries but I'm sure not to the degree coverage they are here in the states. The Olympics were an attempt for global exposure but this just didn't work out. UPS also advertises in other sports venues like MLB for example and they are also a fixture in Atlanta with the Braves and Hawks. To be honest, I really don't expect UPS to be a long fixture in NASCAR but they could surprise me. If their still in it after 2006' I'll truly be surprised. FedEx to their credit has exposure in the Prancing Pony Circuit ie F1 so I wonder if UPS will ever dip into that venue. Go Ralf for 3 in a row.

    They need a Fuel Funny Car in NHRA sponsored by UPS and call it the Quick Delivery!
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    Dale needs more than a pmi. He need his car to be red tagged [​IMG]
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    hitthebigone: DJ did not get the UPS deal - Robert Yates Racing got that deal. I will admit that DJ was the draw for UPS because of his image. He is as clean cut as our drivers! He is also very active in the community, and supports many charities. This is what UPS wants in sponsoring a driver.

    UPS to DEI with Jarrett? That could happen. Dale Jr. may be a little rowdy, but they have Michael Waltrip - another clean image and well liked by the media. DEI seems to be interested and I would like to see that happen. Jeff Green is not going to keep a sponsor on a car. DJ can do that.

    As for the argument that he is too old, I have to refer to all of the facts that wkmac has already posted. Yates has really shook things up over the last couple of years - and that does not make it any easier on a driver. I think DJ gets what he can out of the car each week, and doesn't risk a wreck just to be up front.

    I think he would welcome a change and going to DEI with UPS as a sponsor would be a good change. That is a solid program.
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    Someone started a message thread at a racing forum that UPS would sponsor a World of Outlaws (WoO) Sprinter Car next year. I doubt this has any truth to it but it's a fun read.

    FedEx did sponsor Sammy Swindell back in 1980 on the WoO circuit so I guess it's not impossible but I don't see what benefit to UPS it would bring. I will say this, dirt sprint car racing is a ton more exciting IMO than NASCAR and I grew up in Charlotte area with NASCAR in the 60's.
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    What in Gods name is woo. I think I would rather watch grass grow than watch any other racing besides Nascar.Hey DALE,,,,, I think you better start racing the truck.....At least the motor wont blow on the GMC`S and you will be able to finish the race. Can we say.... has been......
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    NASCAR at times can be worse than watching grass grow. At the spring Atlanta race, I was actually getting sleepy around lap 100 and was about to get up and go get a cup of coffee when a drunk near us, bored too I'm sure, stood up and started doing his DW impressions. The place broke up and the laughing did wake me up.

    God, I miss North Wilkesboro!
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    Top 30 finish, started 8th....At least he finished this race.