Jarrett Leaving #88 UPS/RYR Ride?



Reports are circulating around the Wiston Cup garage that Jerry Jones (owner of Dallas Cowboys) will take controlling interest in Andy Petree Racing and he wants Dale Jarrett as his driver and is willing to pay to get it. A link below covers this story. Also rumors are circulating that Robert Yates is interested in Kevin Harvick and with Ricky Rudd's contract up this year and with his considering retirement, the interest in Kevin may be more serious than some thought. Could we see Dale Jarrett in the #33 and Kevin Harvick in the UPS #88? Since I'm a big Harvick fan already (this kid was hand picked by Dale Earnhardt Sr. and can flat drive) I kinda like this idea although Dale Jarrett fits UPS's Corp image a whole lot better. This should be fun to watch. Silly Season getting early jump.

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DJ's had many avoidable accidents this season. I don't think the union can save his job this year! UPS needs to move on to a wild and crazy kid, like Harvick. If the UPS drivers crashed as much as DJ has this season, UPS would have 50,000 destroyed package cars.


wkmac, Harvik has done nothing but get in trouble, Jr has shown tons more class than his dad , (re not wrecking Ryan on the last lap) Sr would have done it and then said , That's racing!!


Jarrett leaves and is replaced by Harvick....not a good idea. Think about what has happened this season: Both Jarrett and Harvick are having "off" years, but Jarrett is 15th in points and Harvick is mired back around 30th. Jarrett is much more professional that Harvick and fits our image much better. He still has a few competitive years left in him.

Here is the "official" word from DJ:

"Despite recent reports to the contrary, Dale Jarrett has no plans of leaving Robert Yates Racing. And in fact, he's agitated that such speculation has surfaced and no one so much as asked him about it. "I'm (ticked) off about it," Jarrett said, stationed behind his transporter Saturday morning at Lowe's Motor Speedway. "I respect (the media) enough that when y'all come to me and ask me something, I tell y'all the truth. And so far, nobody's come to me and asked me if I'm going anywhere." Jarrett was rumored to be making a move to Andy Petree Racing to drive the #55 Chevy. He confirmed that Petree had inquired about the partnership, but at no time did he give any notion that he might change rides. Petree, meanwhile, said he is still in negotiations with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones about a potential partnership, but declined to discuss the matter. Jarrett said his contract at RYR, as well as that of sponsor United Parcel Service, runs through the 2004 Winston Cup season. He also said that Yates is currently negotiating with UPS about an extension, with Jarrett as driver, through 2006.(NASCAR.com)(5-25-2002)"


I don't know but a few at UPS in Chicagoland that like DJ, He's got the car and the Crew but lacks the nuts to push on the gas petal! You got to be a little crazy to be a top consistant winner, DJ is not! Great move for UPS to be in NASCAR but not behind DJ, lots of good rookies could win with that kind of money behind them, Earnhardt Sr. said look out for the rookies before He died. He was right