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    Danny Eason represented APWA on the Steve Somers Trucking Network Show this evening. The show also known as the Nations Trucking Network is heard nation wide on 700 WLW and XM radio. Eason answered questions and e-mails with style and class. I have spoken with teamster vp's who could not speak in this manner and have shown just the opposite when it comes to class. Danny was straight forward and honest in all his answered and grateful people listened and called to ask questions. THIS IS DEFINATELY the type of person I want leading the union I work in.Thanks Danny Eason for your appearance on WLW!
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    What did you think about all the kansas freight workers calling in? Doesnt look good for danny! Now i did miss the 1st 20 or so minutes, but he did admit he has no union experience and that he and van ARE NOT union employees of ups.

    I hope your still listening to the show, the teamsters are talking for the next hour, and hes speaking with class and shooting holes threw apwa pension numbers!
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    so do you have mr moore's same concern that the plan Danny and Van have are from a hypothetical plan? If so have you ever sat down with a securities licensed planner? The only way they can show a potential payout of a stock or mutual fund is through a hypothetical plan. Any other way they can have their licensing revoked. Three poeple from K.C. called, we have cardds from 80% of the people there. I am not worried at all.
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    Can van and danny still guarantee us $7000 a month of a pension from the numbers that were paid into the pension from the 70s and 80s?
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    Red, have you actually looked at the numbers? They are using contribution rates from the 70's and 80's.

    contributions rates back then...
    1974 $19.50 x 52 Weeks $1,014.00
    1975 $22.00 x 52 Weeks $1,144.00

    contributions now
    2002 $166.00 x 52 Weeks $8,632.00
    2003 $166.00 x 52 Weeks $8,632.00

    Notice the difference in contribution rates? Follow the acutalization and COMPOUNDED INTEREST, which is how investments work in our financial system but the Teamsters wish to ignore, and thats how the APWA asserts that we could have had a $7,000/month pension. Thats how we could have done better without the Teamsters. What did you do with my money, Mr. Hoffa?

    If we went with APWA today, new hires who retire in 25-30 years would get the $7,000/month and more. Can APWA still give us the $7,000/month pension using our actual contributions that the IBT has flushed down the toilet? No. The APWA can't recover money that the IBT mismanaged.

    As demonstrated above, Mr. Moore and the IBT's arguement that we are comparing apples to oranges is called....... SPIN.
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    In 25-30 years, when those people retire will the $7000.00 be of any more value than the $2800.00 I am getting today? Under the apwa plan what will a 25 to 30 year employee get if he retires in one year? Like I said before these people are receiving benefits off the hard work of teamsters, but yet are not teamster members(going on information that has been on this site before).
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    Danny and Van are receiving benefits from their 25-30 years of service to UPS, during which they were faithful Teamster members before 2004. Danny and Van and every other APWA supporter are the ones that have sat behind the wheel the past 25-30 years, away from their families doing Uncle Busters work. And when it was time for Danny, Van, and the countless other UPS'rs to retire on the pensions promised to them for their 25-30 years of service, where was the money? Disappeared like a old fart in the wind! Now explain how they are benefitting from other Teamsters hard work??? Seems to me they would have been better off with another union, like the Machinist. I don't deny the good work that the Teamsters did in the early formative years of the labor movement, and I commend them for that. However, the Teamsters stopped putting my best interest first once they agreed to the contract in 98. And at this time of opportunity to install a new CBA, I and others will withdraw our support of our current CBA who we believe is failing us, and support the better alternative which is our legal right protected by the NLRA.

    So you believe that the wiser way to prepare for the cost of living increases is to choose the $2800 over the $7000? You totally lost me there.

    Under the APWA plan, the 25-30 year employee would get the pension promised to him by the Teamster plan he has been contributing his/her money to for the past 25-30years. As I said above, money that the IBT has :censored2: away,,,,,, is :censored2: away. APWA benefits start paying vested benefits at five, ten, fifteen.... years of service, which would be in addition to any vested benefits promised by Teamster plans.
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    I did not get to listen to the first hour of the program last night. I also do not know much about the AWPA. I made every effort to get home on time to listen to it but failed. I did listen to what the union guy said. I was very disappointed. There are many people under central states that are upset and if this guy represents what the union leadership thinks they just do not get it. It seemed like every time someone called in and asked him a hard question he had no answer. The icing on the cake was when he said if you put 2000 a year in your 401k you would only have 80000 when you retired and could only retire for three and a half years. I am now wondering if this is the kind of leadership we have in the union. I did not know central states was run by a judge and to me this is a bad thing. It shows there must have been some serious trouble somewhere along the line. I am not trying to bash either side here but someone needs to come up with an answer. After going to the central states web site and entering in my information it seems that they will be offering me 1460 a month after 31 years. This is the wrong answer. After listening to their views on the 401k I suppose my hopes for some kind of company match so I can take more responsibility for my retirement are gone. To me it seems like you hardcore union guys are just mad that someone is trying to come up with an answer. I hope I am wrong about this but that is the way you are coming across.
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    I listened to both sides danny eason from the apwa and bill moore from the ibt and both were very respectful in their stances, with the callers, and in the questions that were asked.

    The one question that i felt danny dropped was when one of the kansas freight guys asked what benefit they would receive by joining the apwa. Danny ran on and on about the pension and that was it, as a matter of fact theres alot more to joining a union than the pension. The cba would negioate wages, seniority rights, job security, down time, working conditions i mean the list goes on. I felt like danny was only concerned with the pension, and was caught of guard with that question.(this is my opinion and how i felt)

    Danny admitted to a caller that neither himself or van are union employees of ups even though its a union shop. Danny went on to give excuses that van withdrew because he wasnt given the right to vote on the strike fund and dues increase, which in fact he did or did not take the time to vote for his delegate who inturned voted for it.

    Over the 2 hour program several kansas freight employees called in and again in my opinion i dont think the apwa has a shot, but i will wait another 2 weeks to see what the outcome of the vote is.

    Danny went on about the pension and stated that we should be receiving $7000 a month under the same contributions that the ibt has received in our behalfs. Brother moore went on to state that in the 70s and 80s the contributions were $1000 to $1500 a month in our names, now even with compound interest like danny is claiming that is nowhere near $7000 a month for us. That number could be more realistic for the new-bie ups teamsters who have received the $214 a week not the ones close to retirement who were receiving $20 a week in the 70s.

    Brother moore talked about the cs plan and admitted it took a really big hit in 02,03 as did hundreds of pension funds. He also went on talked about ups's trustees and the federal judge who over sees the plan. Theres alot of blame here and the teamsters hold there share but you can see ups and the judge have a hand in this condition as well. The apwa would like us to believe that the money was stolen right out from under us which is not the case, it was bad investment decisions and not theft!

    Danny was asked " how much money do they have", He stated he did not have to file that until he became a cba for a group. If the apwa is really about change and has nothing to hide, why not take the high road and show the people that you want to represent that you are a different cba?

    It was nice to hear both sides of the debate and hear it done right without screaming and profanities, with a respectful tone from all involved. I hope many of you took the time to listen and make up your own minds on this issue.
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    You evidentally do not understand in 25 - 30 years the $7000.00 you talk about will buy less than the $2800.00 today. Tell me in 25 - 30 years what realistically will the teamster pension be? In 30 years your $7000.00 due to inflation of 3% per year would have a purchasing power of $2883.91. Now you expect me to dump the teamsters for an unproven apwa for a mere $83.91 per month.
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    Great Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You hit the nail on the head!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I'm getting real tired of this crap about neither Van nor Danny being union members!!!!

    You know as well as the rest of you hard headed teamsters that, NOW ARE LISTENING? Van and Danny have more teamster union time combined than you've probable been on this earth, and just because they are not teamsters anymore we have to listen to you teamster guys crying the same old crap, over and over, and over, and over, and over!!!!!!! They are not teamsters but they are still union!!!!!
    The APWA UNION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Really! Good because im real sick of two NON-UNION drivers attempting to form their own union with no experience of representing the members even in a grievance procedure.

    I spoke of my opinion of the show last night, both sides dropped the ball on certain issues, my post wasnt an attempt at slamming the apwa. I simply spoke of what was said on the show. Did you stay up late to listen? I did and i know mittam did, and im sure mittam will agree with everything i said, i did not take post slanderous substances only the facts that were discussed last night!

    Just because they have more time being a teamster member than i have been alive does not qualify them to lead us into the future. They have never been a shop steward, agent or even on a negioating commitee to have the experience to get the job done.

    Saw why dont you run for the president of the united states of america? I will tell you because you dont have the crudentials or the experience to do the job, neither do danny or van!
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    I have to laugh.... Sawman....

    The apwa is not a Union ! They still have not filed anything with the Department of Labor.

    Van is the president of a web site....

    Danny is the VP of their P.O. Box

    Thats all the apwa has been for the last 2 years.

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    No, I understand. Now you're trying to compare the purchasing power in 2007 of your $2800 IBT pension to the purchasing power in 2037 of the $7000 APWA pension. Apples and oranges wouldn't you say? Let's keep the playing field level. Below is a comparison of each pensions projected purchasing power in 2037, assuming that Central States is still solvent then. Remember, they are only funded in the 50% range.

    APWA pension: $7000 in year 2037 will have the 2007 equivalent purchasing power of $2,807.05
    IBT pension: $2800 in year 2037 will have the 2007 equivalent purchasing power of $1,122.82
    SOURCE usinge average annual return of 0% (no investment returns) and inflation rate of 3%

    APWA is still doubling the IBT's projected payout. This does not take into account the COLA that the APWA has included in their pension goals.
  16. BigUnionGuy

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    Whats even funnier than Sawman....

    Is the apwa's hypothetical pension payouts.

    Why don't you tell the truth.... You can't guarantee anything !

    The literature the apwa hands out shows this really nice projection.... with a benefit of $7000.00 a month. Thats based on what the current contribution is.... 30 years from now. And if the "fund" recieved a 9 1/2% return on its investments.

    Why don't you show all the readers of this forum where they can invest their money with a return like that, so they can start investing now.

    The apwa is nothing but smoke and mirrors....

    And the usual.... They have never even been Union Stewards.... Never held office in their Local.... Union Busting Attorney.... the List goes on.

    If you even work for UPS, you should apologize for thinking UPS people are that stupid. But then again.... a couple must be.... certainly not a reflection of the whole.

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    It's obvious you have never sat down with a financial planner. If so you would have learned why you get a hypothetical analysis. You tell aplanner what you have to put into a fund and they go back however many years you decide you would like to invest. From there they show you what the funds would have generated over that time period.That's the way they have to do it.
    Red you are right, we didn't sqaubble over what was said last night, there were good points brought up on both sides and both men handled themselves well. Under this type forum a debate would be interesting. I don't know how long you listened but I finally got on after 2 am eastern time, actually closer to 2.30. It was a late nite indeed. What is interesting Red is we are on the same side for our people just different sides of the union teams. The attention needs to be put for our people and keep their best interests at heart. Well it was a long nite so I'm out of here for now!
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    You think a 9.5% return over time is a big return?
    It fits more into a very conservative average of return.
    The S&P average sits at around 11%.
    Why can't you show how C.S. managed(and I use that term loosely) to blame their losses on the stock market.
    The answer is very simple. Poor money management.
    My personal portfolio has averaged well above 9.5% and I am just a driver.
    If I can do it, what makes you think that APWA cannot.
    And, more to the point, why has CS not been able to achieve this numbers?
    They are the trusted experts of the teamsters.
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    If you would have been listening to the radio show like most of us here you would have heard Danny explain. APWA CANNOT file anything as a union until they have someone who they represent. This will be filed as soon as they get the vote somewhere. Although the teamsters CLAIM they are a union their representation is very poor to say the least.
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    to recieve benifits you have to be retired first. Or am I mistaken? I thought they were still working by what was stated at the meetings.
    ANd nothing is free in this world so how much is these guys makeing?