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    I have a question. ive been working for UPS now for about 3 weeks as a part time loader. I am curious if in March i will have been there for about 10 months will i be able to get spring break vacation off? its for a week..
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    Maybe. You aren't entitled to a paid vacation or paid option days until you've got a year. I've heard of managers giving PT'ers a "freebie" week for Spring Break if the PT'er is a good worker.

    However, I never asked for a "freebie" week my senior year of high school or any of my time in college because I'm an adult.
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    No problem. Just tell them you'll be out of school that week and you would like to spend it partying in Ft. Lauderdale. The will understand.
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    you read my mind
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    If your from Louisville, you'll probably be given 2.5/3 days of vacation in January. 2.5 = meaning 2 days of vacation, but the .5 is also one but 2 hours instead of 4. I've seen people gain vacation with only working for half a year when January hits. It's just mainly talking about a "Full week" You don't even need to work for the exact 2 years for your option week at UPS. Every low person I know gets it once the second January they work hits. One of my friends hits his two year mark this November, yet he was given an option week and took it in Feb paid.
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    It's regional, I don't know for sure for vacations within the first year, but for the option week the southern supplement is clear in 3 years worked as of Jan 1st. I worked almost 4 years because of a Feb hire date to get my option week.
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    We have this one guy who shows up 2 days a week, sometimes. Once, about a month ago, he went 3 straight weeks without showing up. Just let your full time supervisor know in advance. Worst he/she could say is no.
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    I'm with this guy. If your in a large college town. Forget about it.
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    A job always seems to get in the way of having fun.
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    Damn right, it does