Deadline looming for concessions for UPS pilots

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    Deadline looming for concessions for UPS pilots - Atlanta Business Chronicle

    A deadline is looming for pilots for United Parcel Service Inc. to agree to wage and other concessions totaling $131 million through 2011.

    “Due to the severe downturn in the global economy, UPS package and freight volumes have been down somewhat markedly,” Mike Mangeot, spokesman for Louisville, Ky.-based UPS Airlines said in an e-mail to Atlanta Business Chronicle. “In response the recession, we have been analyzing all aspects of our business to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.”

    The concessions are in line with $1 billion in wage cuts, frozen 401k contributions and concessions already made by UPS management, he said.
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    I guess drivers r next
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    Care to elaborate?
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    seems to me that if they truly didn't need 300 pilots, they would have layed them off already. If ups gets the cost savings they want from the pilots union in the form of givebacks, what are they going to do with 300 extra pilots that they supposedly don't need?