UPS plans major cargo expansion at Anchorage airport


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UPS plans major cargo expansion at Anchorage airport - Anchorage Daily News

Package delivery giant UPS this week confirmed it is planning a potential $110 million expansion at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, the latest in a surge of proposals for new warehouse and cargo space at the airport.

The UPS plan is one of five new projects announced in recent months by the airport, some of them larger than UPS’s proposal. Totaling about $700 million in investment, the proposals would boost Anchorage’s economy if they advance to the construction phase, officials said.

Atlanta-based UPS is looking to lease an additional 1.35 million square feet of land at the north side of the airport — enough to fit more than 20 football fields. The expansion in part will support UPS’s growing fleet of Boeing 747-8 jumbo jets, UPS Airlines company spokesman Mike Mangeot said Tuesday.