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  1. Article 8. "Deadlocked cases involving only National Master language may be submitted to the National Master Panel for decisions. Those dead-locked cases which cannot be decided by a lower panel because of a disagreement over the interpretation of the National Master language may be submitted to the Master Panel for interpretation." also Section 3. A decision raising an issue of interpretation of Master Agreement language is one in which (3) a reasonable case can be made that the lower panel interpretation was contrary to the true meaning of the Master Agreement. Both the Employer/Union have adopted this new language not currently listed in supplements its called "Mutually Agreed To By Both Parties" I need specific examples of situations from your locals also if some one from "Local89" could post the Supplements of Article43 it would be appreciated, looking for adopted rules regarding "Feeders/Sleepers" This new language seems to leave the entire dept. open for interpretation.
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    I'm guessing.... he is talking about Article 43, of the master.

    There are no "supplements" to Article 43 of the Master Language.

    The OP has a question.

    If he could define it....

  5. 1) Article #32 Subcontracting- Union does nothing to stop the Independent Contractors from taking loads away from Feeders dept.
    2) Extra Board Jobs - How can a driver be asked to go on a Sleeper Job working Mon/Thurs and then be given an Extra Board pick for the same week thus tying up that job all week to only work it on Friday- the job is then blocked by the less senior employee to bid and then allowing management to decide who to gets the Extra work.
    3) Sleeper drivers who signed a one year commitment to sleepers who have had there job changed by Miles/8Hrs are allowed to bump out of sleepers back to feeders and go back and forth between the jobs. Shouldn't the sleeper driver be bumping sideways within the Classification?
    4) Sleeper drivers between jobs are being given Extra Work from the Feeders Dept.
    5) Feeder drivers asked to go on Sleeper Runs that week are able to go back on there Bid Job when the Sleeper Run has a Break in Mid week and treat the Bid job as though they never left it.
    6)Sleeper Runs do not meet the 550 one way or 1100 round trip, also the Sleeper Runs are less than 40 hrs of work.
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