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    American Shipper February 2008Integrators: UPS American Shipper February 2008Should A Deaf Person Drive A Truck?UPS recently won a reversal of a ruling that it improperly barred hearing-impaired employees from driving smaller trucks. The U.S. Court of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit said a San Francisco district court judge in 2004 used the wrong legal standard in determining that UPS discriminated against deaf people with safe driving records by not letting them compete for jobs driving package trucks. The judge ruled at the time that UPS failed to prove its policy of barring deaf drivers from driving the trucks was necessary to ensure safety.
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    Hmmm.... clarifying the signature would be a hassle.

    Seriously, I don't think you can get a DOT card if you're deaf. Hearing tests are part of the physical.
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    What?? Huh??
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    if someone has earned the time to go full time deaf or not they should get a chance. what they could do is make a full time position inside the building to accomodate them.
  6. Several of the drivers in my building wear earplugs to block the noises from their package cars. I don't understand why hearing should be considered as part of a DOT test.
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    Is anyone READING this ???

    The Frisco court decision was overturned........that's good news for UPS. Now, when they don't hire the deaf to drive, it won't be considered discrimination.......just common sense.

    Yes, I already know plenty of deaf folks DO drive........but this is commercial driving, not personal driving.
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    UPS not hiring deaf drivers?? Why not? They hire deaf management!! When was the last time a sup heard you when you had too much work on the car and were going over 9.5, or when you wanted some part of your EDD changed? If UPS isn't going hire the deaf to drive, maybe they should look at all the other deaf people that work there!! (I'm sure you all knew that was coming!)
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    I actually was called by the Defendant (UPS) to testify in that trial because I had a non-injury accident that would have been had I been Deaf.

    They then made me an expert witness as I had 20 years driving experience at that time.

    I got a nice room at the Hyatt Union Square and Meals out of them for my trouble.

    You would not believe (yes you would) how much $$$ UPS threw at this one.
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    If OSHA were to ever measure the decibel level inside my pkg car as I'm driving they would be appalled. UPS should be held accountable for making so many of their drivers go deaf:dissapointed:
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    I have one good ear. At my last physical the doc didn't even check my hearing. If you come in upright they pass you.
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    I think that my rep is going the wrong way...

    Perhaps if you are not happy with the decibel level in your package car you could find a new job...I'm sure that there are plenty of part timers in the hub that deal with a lot more noise than you would be happy to have a $70000 year plus job. Complain,complain,complain...
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    Happy with the decibel level?
    When I worked in the coal mine, OSHA and MSA had strict guidelines for hearing loss due to constant or impact decibel noise levels. We were required to take periodic hearing test and carry monitors for a day so that the test results could determine where the problems were occurring and preventive/protective measures could be applied.
    I have often considered placing a decibel monitor in my cab. The impact noise of the bulkhead door on rough country roads. The drone of the engine and the rattle of the doors when you are going over 50mph.
    Hearing loss is a slow process caused over time with constant exposure.
    The coal mine still pays better than UPS(over $80,000.00 + benefits) and they are willing to pay for preventative measures.
    If monitors were placed in the buildings and the pkg cars, UPS might get in deep soup over a class action suit over hearing loss.
    UPS seems too busy putting monitors on cars for the bulk head door being closed,parking break on, flashers on when parked ect... to avoid liability claims, but fails to see the liability on the long term health effects of the driver.
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    Those buzzers are the worst.

    At our air dock where we load our EAMs we have a buzzer about five feet above our heads. The front half and the back half of the belt run off two different controls, and you have to hold the button down about four seconds before it starts. So four days a week it's a nice wake up call X2, but it can't be to healthy.

    Then there are the guys who haven't figured out you have to hold the button down, so they play with it a sec before they figure it out or someone tells them.

    Who needs caffine when you've got that.
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    In the Marine Corps as a 1371 I was exposed, (gladly) to explosives...haven't complained much about hearing loss...I think that there are too many people out there that are coddled and believe that any adverse condition in the workplace is an automatic blank check for a lawsuit or a reason to call "big brother" in....
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    Did the exposure to the explosives result in permanent hearing loss? Are you in danger of losing your job as a result?
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    I was thinking about that just yesterday as I drove 25-30 mph down a caliche packed road packed as hard as cement and rough as a washboard. The noise is loud enough there would be no chance to hear anything from the outside such as a train or a car/truck horn. This has to be detrimental to your hearing. On some of these trucks the noise is so loud you would have to yell to be heard if someone else was with you.
    I understand where UP$ is coming from, pushing for this, to prevent accidents that could prove to be costly. I wonder what the numbers so as to the number of accidents that were caused by hearing-impaired drivers. Hearing-impaired does not = deaf.
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    Could you expound on this please?
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    Add 1 more to my ignore list
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