deducted bathroom breaks?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by browntroll, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. browntroll

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    i have been talking to this pick off guy in my hub and he has been dealing with a pt sup stealing his
    time for a few months already. today he told me that the pt sup made a new excuse for him missing time which is reducing
    the pters time for the bathroom breaks he takes through the week. i know the pter has a stomach condition which causes
    him to go everyday during the shift but is sup allowed to do this? the full time sup gave the pter his time owed after pt sup said he
    ​reduces bathroom breaks.
  2. Indecisi0n

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    Do what I did.. It will cost him some $$ I had to get an attorney because I was the only driver/employee that was told I had to punch out to use the restroom. My union did nothing.. So I did punch out every single time I had to use the restroom.. I then went to see an Attorney, and she dealt with Corporate (she knew some of UPS' lawyers) and shortly there after my weasel of a sup came to me and said I no longer had to do it..If he does not have the $$ tell him/her to document everything, take his pay sheets and all documentation (get it on a recorder if possible) the sup telling him he has to punch out to use the restroom.. Then go to your local EEOC office and file a discrimination charge against UPS.. If some coworkers would have the back bone to go with him to verify this that would be a tremendous help..But before going to the EEOC, he needs to file a grievance with the local union. Once that is filed, send him down there...The EEOC is free, the Attorney in the south was 5K to take care of this.. But it is tax deductible !!
  4. cynic

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    Please tell me you also filed an EEOC complaint? How about Dept of Labor in your state for hourly wages not paid?

    Dependent upon the condition which causes trips to the bathroom, I believe you could also file an ADA complaint. Both the EEOC and ADA are federal. (Yes, the government is shut down but these are the type complaints that hurt UPS management FAR more than grievances.)

    And I hope your PT sup was terminated?
  5. FilingBluesFL

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    There's a chick that works in our center, gets all the breaks and time away that she "needs" because she has a "condition."

    No one else gets that kind of treatment, nor any extra break time.

    They always have their favorites...
  6. blkmamba

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    Except you cannot legally recorder anyone without prior consent/knowledge.
  7. cynic

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    Excellent point, but I believe that law differs from state to state.
  8. Theking30

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    No way do I clock out for a restroom break, unless I am at the location of my break then I go then. Understand people you need to make every attempt to potty when break time comes around, but sometimes nature calls. File with union and call dept of labor if you think you are 100% in the right. Do not pee in a bottle in the truck, be sanitary.
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    ​Is her condition sometimes called big breast?
  10. FilingBluesFL

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    Even *I* wouldn't touch it, and I have almost no standards...
  11. Ouch

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    $20 says he is not documenting the times he goes to the bathroom. He should keep a record then get the sup for changing his time card. Then contact osha and an attorney.
  12. bmwmc

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  13. Cementups

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    They tried this crap with us. Until one of our drivers had a female sup riding with him who needed to go to the bathroom. Told her no way and maybe she shouldn't have drank so much coffee earlier. And if he had to punch out to go to the bathroom then so would she. We all know that wasn't going to happen. The subject was dropped.
  14. Jackburton

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    Editing a timeclock alone should get that sup terminated.
  15. OPTION3

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    I don't sweat on their time.......I don't shizzz on mine
  16. soberups

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    In our area, anytime a management person edits your timecard they are required to print out a copy of the changes and give it to you for you to sign off on.
  17. browntroll

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    he doesnt clock out for bathroom break the pt sup just admitted to timing his bathroom breaks and reduces it from his time card.
    i heard several stories about that pt sup stealing time but he only steals from a few ppl not from everyone in his area. pick off guy told
    me he is tired of having to talk to full time sup every friday about missing an hour from his checks, i told him to call corporate but he doesnt
    ​want to get full time sup in trouble.
  18. BrownChoice

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    Soberups.... I am wondering... Is this language in your local? This is a very good process. Is there some sort of system that might catch some unscrupulous supes who do things(edits, etc) and never say a word?

    reason i ask is because, i know for a GD fact that this 1 full time supe, the preload supe, edits mine as well as a very very long time employee. Everybody clearly hates this particular supe and he just obviously does not give a shiznit. I have started to document each time i punch in and out but how do i go about asking for timecard records? Its not that im afraid... Its just i dont want to put a target on my back being im not into full time status yet.

    on second thought, i really kinda am afraid...until im full time at least.
  19. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    Our center manager has been caught red handed changing time cards over and over. Still here.
  20. Integrity

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    To All,

    Supervisors who change timecards to cheat people out of hours to look good on a report need to stop the practice immediately or be fired.

    This should be reported at once and taken as far as it has to for change.