Delivery giant UPS to cut 64 accounting jobs in Coppell in outsourcing move

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    Delivery giant UPS to cut 64 accounting jobs in Coppell in outsourcing move - Dallas News

    United Parcel Service will eliminate 64 jobs in Coppell in a move to outsource accounting work.

    In a letter to the Texas Workforce Commission, the company said the job cuts will begin in October and continue into January. It said the administrative employees will be offered severance.

    The Atlanta-based delivery company had revenue of nearly $72 billion in 2018 and more than 480,000 employees. Dallas-Fort Worth is considered one of the company's air hubs.
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    and so it begins
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    its about are ie, lp, bd, pe.......etc
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    UPS spokesman Matthew O'Connor said the company is outsourcing transactional finance and accounting work in order to let employees "do more strategic work that can make a greater impact on our business and provide them with enhanced career opportunities."

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    Strategic work at another company? Lol
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    Funny but, sad.
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    Enhanced career opportunities hahaha
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    The good news is they can all follow their jobs

    To India,probably gonna have to take a slight pay cut
  9. 22.4 drivers?
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    It began last year. This is the fourth department that I am aware of.