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An excellent addition to our services. We have always done it anyhow, now we'll do it AND charge for it.

Exactly - something we should have been charging for all along. Not only are we charging for all the manual handles caused by this, but it can be handled via the phone ctr or web site so we don't get the calls in the center all day and manually track everything.


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Thoughts on this new service enhancement?

The competition with the purple and platinum pom poms have always charged hefty fees for rerouting pkgs since day one.

And if an address correction is associated with a package,
when Grandma sends you Xmas cookies and she didn't know you just moved, we've delivered your pkg to your new adddress as a free courtesy. Purple and platinum have always charged for address corrections at around ten bucks a pop.

In fact, when I had my customers or prospective customers give me their other carrier's freight bills to check out, I was amazed at the many ways we go above and beyond without charging a dime. Not so with You Know Who!!!

And speaking of rerouting, - Gotta give an Atta Boy here -

For those of you who don't know this, The CACH hub outside of Chicago is a central sorting facility for packages that travel long distances across the country. Many pkgs go to CACH first and then head out again towards their destination.

There is a VERY special group of folks at CACH who's job is to take care of the calls requesting that a package - or packages - be returned, relabeled, readdressed, whatever.

Considering all of the cockamamie situations that have come up for how ever many years with my shippers when they discovered that they really screwed up this time and mis shipped one package or 500, this group came through for us every single, solitary time. Not to mention that CACH is the size of 37 football fields and employs what, maybe 5,000 people a day?

Cach ROCKS !!!!!!

and I have seldom been more impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Just so everyone is aware, what we do (and have done for years) for *consignees* is called a Delivery Change Request and requires an InfoNotice... that remains FREE. What we are offering for *shippers* is called a Delivery Intercept and does NOT require an InfoNotice... that costs $10. The package still moves to the final delivery center where the interception will actually occur, so it's not quite as fancy as what our mullet-wearing spokesman describes.

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A couple weeks ago, before i started seeing the ads about this whole thing, i got an ods msg about a del intercept. Wasn't a big deal to me (WOOHOO FREE STOP!!) until the following message read: "There is a del. intercept training certification form you need to fill out, sign, and return to me tommorrow" from my on car. All i could think was, "I've never even heard of this. How could I possibly sign off that I've been trained?" I guess that kinda falls in line with the diad mssg when punching in: "Are you international certified?" or whatever it says..instead of yes or no, it should give you the option of: I guess? or Hell if I know!:confused:1


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And if an address correction is associated with a package,
when Grandma sends you Xmas cookies and she didn't know you just moved, we've delivered your pkg to your new adddress as a free courtesy.
as far as i know we do charge something like $4 for add corrections and have for quite sometime.
the only ones who really need to be informed about this new service is the 800 # they are screwing this up already, they are putting UDI requests for everything.


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When I worked in the dept that contacted Cach for address corrections,etc., this did not exactly take place yesterday. It was during the time that we provided this service at no charge.
Only recently have we billed for this accessorial work, which had been a freebee for decades.


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All this did was give the shipper a chance to reroute his or her package once in transent. The customer calls the shipper and lets them know that they are not going to be home and would like it sent to a friends house. The shipper can do that themselves without having to make several phone calls or having the consignee do the same. It is now more conveniant but it does come with a cost.


Yea this new service works great. I had a bulk stop of 18 pkgs the other day and the DIAD only prompted me to intercept 1 pkg of the 18(pkg 7 of 18???). Of course all needed to be intercepted as I found out when returning that night and checking the board for any messages.Luckily I thought this would be the case and did not deliver any of them.
Same goes for the GPS system,it seems to tell me at least 30 times a day I'm delivering to the wrong house when I'm not.