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    I do not work for UPS but I thought this would be a good place to vent some frustration and ask for advice. I recently had a package that had goods of over $200 in it stolen from my doorstep after it was delivered. I chalked that up to kids being kids or just me being unlucky and ordered the item again, but this time I requested that a signature be required to leave the package. I was out of town the first day the tried to deliver it and I got a UPS InfoNotice saying they would try again tomorrow (Thursday) and the box saying a signature is required was checked. When I get home on Thursday shortly after the time when the package was supposed to be delivered I was expecting to see another notice on my door and I was planning on going to the UPS distribution center to pick it up. However this driver decided to leave the package at the door and it was stolen again. I was infuriated and called the 1800-PICK-UPS number, after looking up online how to talk to an actual human, since of course this is not one of the preset options to choose from. The man I talked to effectively said that it was my fault since I didn't request for it to be left at the UPS store. He would not budge off the fact that I didn't think you could deliver a package that required a signature without a signature, he said it was "up to the drivers discretion." My problem is twofold, one why would you even have this signature is required for delivery option if its "up to the driver" if he wants to follow it, and two UPS is blaming me for this issue and refusing to even acknowledge my problem. I am never going to use UPS again in my life if I can help it simply based on this experience and I will tell anyone who will listen to do the same. If someone could please give me some good advice about how to handle this it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Signature required deliveries cannot just be left. Not at the drivers discretion. Driver would have to forge your name. Termination offence. At the least driver could be made to pay for package. Not many drivers would want to do that. Maybe only once. Call the shipper.
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    If you track the second pkg. does it show a signature for the second attempt?
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    Your first question should have been "who signed for it"?
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    What is the 9 and 10th digits of the shipping barcode? Was it a 03?
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    I would imagine that it happened a little like this: It was a regular package (not signature required by the shipper). When the OP called in, it generated a concern and the OMS probably sent a message to the driver to not DR the package. The driver doesn't and leaves the infonotice. The next day, that residential area is put on another route due to heavy volume or cut routes (or the driver was off and there was a cover driver on the route). This driver knew nothing of the situation and leaves the package. I run into situations like this almost daily.
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    Well he would have asked that but he stated that the ups customer service agent told him that the driver could leave it anyway. So obviously he couldn't ask that question because he has been told the wrong thing.
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    Where did the OP go ??? You can't tell me he just ate the first $200 without putting a claim in. If he did put a claim in and denied he got the package his address would have been flag as No DR address. No driver would have left that package at a No DR address with a package that requires a Sig. Another thing he was planning on going to the center to pick up the package but he was waiting for a second info notice first ???? Why didn't he call the 1-800 using the first info notice and have them hold it ????

    The OP story isn't believable. I call BS it appears the OP is trying to find out how to get one over on UPS.
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    Or is just another troll which we seem to have a ton of right now.
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    You must pay extra for the signature required. Requesting it being marked on box don't mean squat. See lots of signature required remarks on packages. If when I scan it it dosent prompt sig required your sol. Pay to have it done right. I don't pay anybody attention to hand written or typed requests. it actually angers me you couldn't fork up thee extra $5 for the sig req
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    So it's UPS's fault you live in a crappy neighborhood with people you can't trust???
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    Not sure how it is where you are but here a follow-up must be issued which may take a few days then it must be worked again a few days if no contact is made then if it is a negative result the address will be flagged. All this takes way more time then reordering another package. All this is moot if was sig req.
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    Again the OP said nothing about putting in a claim he basically said he ate the $200. I state IF he did. It's call a tracer and we do the follow up about it and it could happen the next day if the OP made a claim through the shipper which he didn't which makes the OP story all the more unbelievable. Also if I had a follow up and I was delivering a package to the same house I wouldn't be leaving the package without a sig, either would anyone other driver.

    The whole story is BS Why didn't the OP put a claim in for either package.

    Can you say scam the OP most likely had a package shipped Shipper release probably because he lives in a bad area and wasn't going to be home and is/ was to lazy to pick up the package at the center. The package than got stolen the OP can't put a claim in and the company that sent the package told him he is SOL.

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    Even on his/her first day, the operator at customer service would not say a signature required package could be left at a driver's discretion

    1) ‚ÄčEither it was not signature required, or story is BS

    2) The OP never replied back to answer questions and never checked back on the site after 1:03pm yesterday

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    drive-by trolling LMAO!!!