Delivery truck hits child on bike

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    Delivery truck hits child on bike - Daily Advocate

    A five-year-old child was struck by a United Parcel Service delivery truck near Bradford Wednesday.

    Preliminary investigation revealed a UPS delivery truck driven by Mark Nisonger, 48, of Greenville was traveling north on Martin Road when the five-year-old riding his bicycle entered the roadway from a private driveway into the truck’s lane of travel and was struck by the vehicle.

    According to the Sheriff’s Office, Nisonger took evasive action trying to avoid the collision but was unable to avoid hitting the child.
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    Really sad. It may be a case where there was nothing the driver could do but he will still get blamed for it.
  3. Wilson

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    Is there any greater heart break for a driver than to hit a child? Everyday all of us leave our centers and drive down every kind of street and pray to god this never happens.
  4. GillEagan

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    And it is all due to irresponsible parenting. No five year old should be riding a bicycle unsupervised.
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  5. rod

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    Agreed--------also watch out for dogs riding bikes.

  6. Packmule

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    I've long believed that if parents spent half as much time watching their kids as they spend staring at me, stuff like this wouldn't happen.
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    I have an afternoon pickup at a local foundry. Directly across the street is a rather run-down house where an elderly couple will sometimes baby sit their 2 grandsons. Yesterday the grandfather was sitting in a chair watching his 2-3 year old grandson play out by the street, running in to the road whenever a car drove by, with the grandpa doing nothing about it.
  8. GillEagan

    GillEagan I always look 10 years younger than I am.

    Probably a baby boomer grandpa. Some of the baby boomers are like that. My parents are baby boomers themselves and are grand parents. They would definitely say something to their grandchilderen if they were young and playing in the street. Even then, they are nothing like their parents. They just don't have the same quality or ethics that their parents did. Makes me hate to think what my generation (Gen X) and the Millennials will be like as grand parents.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If I had to guess I would say that they are in their 70's.