Delivery worker gets packaged

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    Delivery worker gets packaged - Stamford Advocate

    It’s the mystery of the Christmas cheer.

    Police said a UPS driver called in to report that his helper was intoxicated, and he couldn’t figure out how it happened.

    When police arrived at the delivery truck on Melon Patch Lane they said the helper, Jeffrey Levasseur, was refusing to get out of the truck. They said Levasseur smelled strongly of alcohol.

    Officers eventually convinced Levasseur to alight from the truck and he stood against it swaying back and forth. Police said he denied drinking any alcohol and told them, “I work for UPS, it’s all good.”
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    Every time he got back to the truck the helper seemed drunker and drunker. LMAO!
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    Why not send him to a house for a delivery and just drive away ?
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