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    (CNS News) — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) took to the Senate floor during a “pro forma” session on Dec. 23 to pass a two-month extension to the payroll tax. President Barack Obama, however, this week claimed that a pro forma session means the Senate is practically in recess, opening the door for him to make appointments whenever he deems the Senate is out of session.

    In justifying the appointments made on Wednesday, Jan. 4, while the Senate was in pro forma session, Obama spokesman Dan Pfeiffer said that the Senate was “effectively” in recess because “no Senate business is conducted.”

    “The Senate has effectively been in recess for weeks, and is expected to remain in recess for weeks,” Pfeiffer wrote on the White House Web site on Jan. 4. “In an overt attempt to prevent the President from exercising his authority during this period, Republican Senators insisted on using a gimmick called ‘pro forma’ sessions, which are sessions during which no Senate business is conducted.”

    However, the Senate did conduct business during a pro forma session, with Majority Leader Reid leading the unanimous consent proceeding to pass the two-month payroll tax extension.
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    I just post the info. you don't have to read any of it.
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    I know. If you post it, I pretty much already know what it's going to be. Add-in anchor-baby Malkin, and I know that Obama is going to be a punching bag. Maybe we can talk about how Malkin's parents moved here so she could be born a US citizen and then grow-up to bash others who do the same thing?
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    Maybe the lazy ass Republicans could come back from break? This is all political, and way above your paygrade. The GOP already has a black eye from the payroll tax debacle, and they're staying away. That way they can criticize Obama when they return.Got it? Typical Republican tactic. They count on their supporters not being able to grasp the big picture.
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    You still "pin" your hopes on the delusional writings of a border baby! This is the problem with right wing listeners. They only want to hear the most exaggerated versions of events through the eyes of an extremist in order to satisfy their hate.

    Why do you listen to this kook? Lets see what shes saying, that motivated you to share it with the rest of us.

    1) " But it's those who oppose common-sense reforms of the gravely flawed Dodd-Frank law -- a 2,600-page monstrosity that no lawmaker read before passing it -- who are obstructing good government."

    can she prove NO ONE in congress read this?? There are thousands of staffers and lawyers on the hill who review all bills. Is she saying they too, were excluded from reading the bill before the voting took place?

    2)"In keeping with the dark and defiant habits of this administration, the new head of the half-billion-dollar Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was sworn in behind closed doors on Wednesday night."

    Really? dark and defiant? she herself says in the same article that the republicans knew this was coming a month earlier. How can it be dark or defiant if they knew it was coming only because the republicans were trying to block the appointment anyways?

    3) "But as I reported last month, progressive zealots funded by billionaire George Soros goaded Obama to ignore the Senate's constitutionally grounded advice and consent role."

    This is laughable at best. How can she prove that Soros had anything to do with anything? Just name calling and wild accusations as usual. Can she actually show the money trail to prove that any money from Soros made it to anyone connected to Obama? Of course not, but its the kind of smear that the republicans know works with their audiences.

    4) "The GOP knew the installation of Obama's latest super-czar was coming a month ago, but is now scrambling to respond. Republicans will get clobbered with the class warfare card again unless they forcefully counter the Democrats' narrative of the president's "bold" actions for "middle-class Americans."

    I say , go for it. Let the republicans come out and show how ridiculously stupid they are.

    5) "As Senate Republicans have been pointing out for months, Dodd-Frank threw out judicial review, removed CFPB from the congressional appropriations process, provided five-year tenure protection for the director and transferred the agency from the Treasury Department to the opaque and unaccountable Federal Reserve."

    Did Malkin miss the catastrophic economic events of the Bush Administration? Dodd Frank will prevent further meltdowns of our economy.

    6) "The House passed these and other structural reforms last year, but the Senate has failed to act, and the White House insists on demagoguing reformers"

    Its clear that the party of NO is trying to hinder this countries progress and keep it in the toilet as they hope to pin their hopes on victory in 2012 if they can "tank" the economy.

    7) "This is not "bold." It's jackboot. It won't benefit "middle-class Americans." It'll line lobbyist pockets, soak taxpayer dollars and fuel a Beltway rule-making bonanza"

    PROVE IT. Again, the kind of talking points that pins the ears back of the typical right wing supporter.

    At any rate, this kind of garbage that speaks the loudest to people who dont know any better, or further, have a lack of understanding of politics in general.

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    And you never cease calling her the same name everytime.

    I choose to read and post things that I agree with. You shouldn't read these things. You know you won't like what you read, so save yourself the stress and go watch Bill Maher.

    I'm tired of being in a country that's gone from "Leave it to Beaver" to Beavis & Butthead"........(Huckabee)
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    The problem with Republicans is that they think we can go back to the "Leave it to Beaver" days. We can't, and that's because the world has changed. Unfortunately, that's beyond the grasp of most Republicans and Libertarians. In other words, they are ignorant.

    And I don't really care if Malkin is an anchor baby. I do care that she is a caustic biotch who almost always has her "facts" wrong. She's a crappy journalist who exploits the dummies who watch and believe the GOP garbage. She makes big bucks by telling lies.
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    Its clear that you select sources of information that satisfy your hatred. Its not information you seek, its reconciliation for your hate.


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    I'm not the monkey shooting bullets!!
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    "You still "pin" your hopes on the delusional writings of a border baby!" (TOS)

    You always make it sound like Michelle is's the truth. She was born in Philly. Her parents were here legally.

    "Malkin was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Philippine citizens Rafaela (née Perez) – a homemaker and teacher – and Apolo DeCastro Maglalang, who was then a physician-in-training.[SUP][1][/SUP] Several months prior to Malkin's birth, her parents had immigrated to the United States on an employer-sponsored visa.[SUP][4][/SUP] After her father finished his medical training, the family moved[SUP][5][/SUP] to Absecon, New Jersey. Malkin has a younger brother.[SUP][6][/SUP] She has described her parents as Reagan Republicans who were "not incredibly politically active".[SUP][1]"[/SUP]
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    I like how you posted only a partial telling of the truth. The fact is, both her parents were here on EXPIRED student visas. Her mother was pregnant at the time of their arrival, thus making Michele a BORDER BABY.

    The very same thing she claims to hate. She used to come onto bill oriellys show and spout off about border babys until Orielly discovered she was herself infact a border baby! Orielly "canned" her from appearing on his show since.

    maybe you missed this part of your own post "Malkin was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Philippine citizens Rafaela (née Perez) – a homemaker and teacher – and Apolo DeCastro Maglalang"

    it clearly says PHILLIPINE CITIZENS not AMERICANS. According to YOU and those immigration freaks who believe in border babies, this makes Michele a border baby. Just because she entered the country in a plane while her mother was pregnant vs crossing the desert with her mother while pregnant, that does not change the circumstances.


    Her parents stayed in the country illegally after she was born. Michele is a clown who speaks to persons who live and breathe on hate.

    Show where her parents applied for citizenship and in what year that was granted, then compare that to when Michele was born. I dont think youll like the answer.

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    Ahhh, the sweet fragrance of Republican hypocrisy. Kind of smells like lumpia. SHOW US THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!!!:tinfoilhatsmile:
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    Fedex, TOS...You two are pinning your argument based on Malkin's legality ? What does that have to do with the article? I'll tell ya before ya try another twist. NONE.
    Instead of criticizing Malkin, why not talk about what she wrote? Is she incorrect in her article, if so please point that out.
    Liberal Left Diversion Tactics 101.....I'll give you both an E for effort....but over all a FAIL!
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    Actually it was an employer-sponsored visa. That means they were here the proper way.

    You aren't a BORDER BABY unless the parents are here ILLEGALLY. Her mom was indeed pregnant at the time of their arrival....their LEGAL arrival.The parents were citizens of another country...BUT WERE HERE WITH THE CORRECT PAPERWORK !! What don't you get about that?

    Michelle doesn't even support the auto-citizenship for babies born here of illegal immigrants.
    Go Fish for the rest of your ravings and while you're researching, what was Laura Bush's blow test level again??
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    "According to YOU and those immigration freaks who believe in border babies," (TOS)

    Why do you lie? I don't believe in anchor babies, never have. You come across the border illegally, drop a baby, just pick it up and go back where you came from.

    I hope they reverse that anchor baby law they have now.
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    If according to bhos The Senate has not been formally in session for weeks, then their passage of the two month extension of the payroll cut and 60 days deadline on bhos making a decision about the Keystone Pipeline deal must also not be valid.
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    I already addressed the nonsense in her article, what we are talking about now is her LEGITIMACY to write anything in this country. Its NOT our position of illegal immigration that disqualifies her, its HER OWN position on illegal immigration that disqualifies her from speaking at all.

    She is an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT, according to the tea party, the right wing, the C9 and every nut in the cookoo house.