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    Hi well i was hired as a temporary pre-loader for seasonal but got chosen to stay permanent. I have to fill out union paper work which i have not done yet and i was just wondering if i am able to get braces for myself through the dental care that is provided. i know it may vary between places but just and estimate would be nice if indeed they can pay for it. thanks in advance and also i apologize if i posted this in the wrong section really new here.
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    Depends on where you are. You won't get dental it a year or 18 months now for dental? Plus you don't start your full seniority till your initiation is paid for and it 30, 45, or 90 days now for seniority? And endontics is covered at 80% where I am. Somewhere in this range is correct.
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    i have no idea if it is a year or 18 but i its good to know, i thought it was right away. as for the initiation fee i paid it off and here its 90 days which i have not reached. thanks for the help i appreciate it
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    You will receive a card with phone numbers on the back. Call those numbers.
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    Most part timers' insurance is provided by UPS, and not the union. The UPS-controlled insurance plans do NOT cover adult orthodontics; an "adult" is defined as a non-dependent. So ironically, a 19-year-old UPS employee is ineligible for reimbursement for braces ... while the 26-year-old child of another employee is. BTW, this is not unusual; insurances rarely cover orthodontics for non-dependents.

    You can determine whether UPS controls your insurance by asking your boss or co-workers.