denver trailers off the train..


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I have heard rumors from management that denver is taking trailers off the train to omaha and chicago , putting them on the ground and creating new jobs, how about it denver any rumors.:cool:


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This sounds like "Fast Lane". Pull TOFCs off the railroad and get loads to Hubs a day earlier. Creates new Feeder jobs, adds more cost but if we gain enough volume from competitors it will be worth it.

On another note regarding UPS getting to fly more USPS cargo: I was delivering to a Postal "Feeder Driver" Friday, and he told me that most Postal employees were hoping that UPS would have gotten more of the contract to fly First Class Mail. He stated that FedEx doesn't fly on one day of the week, so that all the USPS Express and 1st Class mail gets to certain cities a day late. He also said that UPS was taking over a USPS Sorting Facility out near the Atlanta Hub off Fulton Industrial Blvd. to handle this. This is the first that I have heard of this, don't know how much of this is true.