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  1. dilligaf

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    Last Mon, while on rte I cracked a tooth. I was having lunch when it happened. I called into my dentist and was able to get an appt for Tues morn. Called in sick for Tues. My dentist confirmed the crack and referred me to an endodontist which I was able to get into see on Wed. by the sheer grace of god. Called in sick on Wed. Went to the endo and as luck would have it (and a cancellation) he was able to do a root canal on Wed. My jaw was killing me on Thurs and on Fri so I called in sick (BTW-I was taking pain killers). On Thurs I got a text from my sup saying I would be layed off this week, did I want to bump into preload or local sort. I opted to take the lay-off and stay home.

    This morning, I got a text again (I knew this would happen) saying he was short of drivers and asked if I would come in and do a rte. I asked which rte. He told me and I declined it. While I was away from my phone I got a voice mail from my steward saying that I was going to recieve a warning letter for dependability.

    I should not be the least bit surprised. This is not the first time my sups have retaliated against me. But, I cannot believe the sheer stupidity of my sups. I have already contacted my BA about this and of course he told me not to worry about it. The warning letter would not fly. Still, this is typical UPS mgt, making stupid decisions and then when it backfires in their faces they blame the drivers. :madashell:
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    If you cracked it on route, did you file an injury report? Did you have it fixed on comp?
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    Why would you file as comp? I would think this occurred at lunch which is non paid. If your not getting paid I would think you are not working on your job.
  4. Just Numbers

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    Really do not know how dependability plays into this and any good sup should realize this knowing all the facts. Then again we do not know all the facts such as what your record looks like for the last nine months and if the above mentioned just added to it. Let us know. Otherwise just citing the above I wouldn't worry to much about that letter.
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    • Get a note from dentist for days missed.
    • Never answer the phone for UPS. Let them leave a voice mail. Then you decide "when/if" you get that message.
    • You are laid-off this week, not on call. Right?
    Should I update your avatar? :wink2:
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  7. over9five

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    So if I fall and break my arm while on lunch, I shouldn't report it?
  8. dilligaf

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    No, I was actually at lunch when it happened.
  9. Just Numbers

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    Never said anything about not reporting it. Wouldn't that report be an incident report?
  10. dilligaf

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    I have never been written up for dependability. In fact the only warning letter I have ever gotten was for an avoidable accident that happened a couple of months ago. I rarely ever call in sick. I am always there on fri's which cannot be said for quite a few of our drivers.
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    Yes, it is lay-off. We don't do on-calls. LOL on the pic but you can update it again, I still have the tooth.
  12. dilligaf

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    I told my nite sup what I thought had happened. Mon. nite. Tues, I talked to another sup and confirmed it was cracked. He never said anything about doing an incident report.
  13. dilligaf

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    This is an interesting twist that I had not considered. Now ya'll have me worried.
  14. dilligaf

    dilligaf IN VINO VERITAS

    I am assuming, for the time being, that the warning letter is in retaliation for not coming into cover their bare asses this morning. At this point, I don't think this has anything to do with last week. If it turns out to be that it does have something to do with last week then that is just all the better for me. Double retaliation. If they pursue the warning letter I will file on it.
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    On the cracked tooth? I see no reason a UPS report should be filled. You were on lunch break, off the clock and not preforming UPS duties. It isn't a comp case so why would you need to file a report.
    You told a couple of sups you suspected you cracked a tooth, you have or can get notes from the two doctors and company policy keeps you out of the truck while on pain meds. Nothing to worry about really.
    The warning letter is nothing more than retaliation for not jumping threw their very ill planned hoops. I would not just let the automatic letter of protest from the union be all. I would file a grievance for retaliation IF they actually issue the warning letter.

    Over's broken arm may be a little different, he can't finish his route with a broken arm.....usually. But an official report? I doubt that also.

    Of course the bottom line is using your BA (forget the steward) to settle all this.
  16. dilligaf

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    Trp, oh you can bet your sweet cheeks that I will file on this if it goes any further than a threat. And upon thinking about it, I believe I will file on it anyway. It is threatening and hostile afterall. And coersion. If I haven't heard anything back from my BA by the end of the day, I will call him back. My steward IS out of the loop. I can't trust her.
  17. thelus

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    lol, your center management calling you not dependable: isnt that like the pot calling the kettle black.:surprised:
  18. dilligaf

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    Boy did you ever hit the nail on the head. Slam dunk!
  19. dei8

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    am I the only one here that is noticing that you took a week off for a cracked tooth and root canal. What kind of dentist did you go too? I know I am going to get slammed here. Im not saying you deserve a warning letter, but wow a week for a cracked tooth.
  20. pickup

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    No, I am not going to slam you. I can see why you thought she could lose one or two days. But the first dentist confirmed a cracked tooth and saw that she was going to need a root canal but either doesn't do them or this was a job that was beyond his capabilities (i.e. a back molar is more complicated). Work was done on wed by a specialist. Now some people are lucky with root canals and experience no pain. Others not so lucky. So the pain meds i assume she was on disqualified her from driving. I am not in her shoes so I don't know the amount of pain. but for the record it was four days, one day shy of a working week.