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    I don't know. It is actually written like that in our supplement. I read and reread it. So I guess I am stuck until I quit.

    No biggie. Only reason I wanted to quit responding was because our building doesn't utilize responders.
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    What do they do when there is a leaker?
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    No clue

    I am working as directed. Preload manager told me to only do hazmats/leakers when they come and get me.
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    what if you fail the yearly breathing test?
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    In my building, it was included in the job description for half of our combo jobs. If you want a combo job, you have to be a hazmat responder.

    Back when I was a preloader, I did it and it was a good gig, at 1st. Then they started cracking down on OT. Could not work 1 minute of OT. It was very routine to have 5-10 tubs sitting, waiting to get processed, some would sit for a week or 2. When my annual training came up, I passed.
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    Then you don't qualify.

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    Loads of responsibility, no authority.
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    Then a supervisor is probably taking care of them. Ask around and have people let you know when that happens and grieve it if you want the time.
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    Day goes by fast
    You do the same job everyday, yet it's always different
    OT (depends of course)
    You get to see things you've never heard/thought of....i.e. Fox urine, Starfish for dissection, 5 gallon buckets of manure, the many different types of acids, etc.

    Aprons, gloves, and goggles are a nuisance when it's hot
    Cleaning leakers outside wearing above gear when it's below 0 or over 90 (or in trailers when it's over 80)
    Deal with somewhat toxic chemicals

    I was a responder for 4 years before becoming a driver. I loved it.
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    Dmp area is not being used. I still audit it.
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    I was a responder for a while in a fairly large hub. We nearly always have two active responders plus a backup. It's not a bad gig but you must have a higher than average tolerance for b.s., even by UPS standards. One of the pros is that when there's no leakers and damages for DMP and you have everything up-to-date, it's just a waiting game more or less.
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    Must just be lucky and never have any leakers, I guess?