Designer babies have arrived


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A matter of a great deal of time ... We don't know diddly about interactions between individual genetic markers.

God forbid we create a bunch of Trumps or Hillarys.

I see this as opening pandora's box. If this doctor was able to produce the result he was attempting, which seems to be the case in one of the girls, then people will be demanding the right to have all of their offspring afforded such protections. As you and I both know, once public opinion is established, there is little that actual science can do to alter it. Not to mention all the opportunists out there who were only barely being held back by ethics. Now that that obstacle is out of the way, it's full steam ahead.


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If you were gonna order for another you...what would the menu look like?
That would be my order but we all know how McDonald's works . I'd end up with:
Hairy chest
Big arms
Tight butt
Large bulge

And like everyone else, we would be disappointed but we'd still eat it...