DHL driver caught stealing purses

Discussion in 'USPS, DHL, Amazon, Drones, etc.' started by DHL Hater, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. DHL Hater

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  2. over9five

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    Amazing that criminals can't get it into their stupid brains that THERE ARE CAMERAS EVERYWHERE!!!
  3. dhlsucks

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    idiots at my barn have been stealing dhl [airborne]for years .the whole place is a f cking joke .why ship with the clown when you can ship with brown
  4. always knew it about dhl
    D dont H hurry L lads
  5. Impex

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    dhl doesn't screen for criminal backgrounds, criminals screen for dhl backgrounds
  6. overallowed

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    Maybe if they paid their drivers more, they wouldn't have to steal from their customers.
  7. xkingx

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    guy in my area has stolen from a couple spots..he still has his job, just cant go to that spot anymore.. Now the neighboring route has to do the deliveries for those locations..:confused:1
  8. moreluck

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    overallowed....I don't think pay is an issue. There is a certain mentality that a thief has. They could be making $120 grand a yr. and would still not be able to resist stealing if the opportunity presented itself. It's the thrill of maybe "getting away with it".
  9. dlong

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    not true, if a person were paid a decent wage he might be less inclined to steal. for instance, take the hardworking poor sob that goes out every day to try to earn a living for his family. and just barely gets by. they say everyone is born with the same opportunity as everyone else, but if anyone is still beleiving that one they need to wake up. you know psycology has a category or profile or personality trait ...whatever you want to call it, that they say a person fits into. but, what a lot of people dont get is for every "category" a person might fit into there are maybe hundreds of sub traits that sprout off of that certain category. and while psycologists might have the main categories somewhat figured out they will never be able to come close to having them all pegged. so you see as much as you think you might know about what makes a person a ceo or a dhl driver a thief .....or what about the ceo who embezzles even more millions than he already will never know what makes the "individual" tick. he steals for excitement, for a quick buck, or to help to support his family. think about it before you judge the person...
  10. hoser

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    true enough, but when I worked at FX, I would sort, load, and deliver 50 boxes of ipods a day. If I really wanted, I could easily swipe one, but apart from it being morally wrong, I didn't want a criminal record, and I wanted to keep my $16/hr job as a 20 year old.