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  1. mattwtrs

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    Anyone watch 60 Minutes this evening? The story of the layoffs in Wilmington was really sad. I hope that DHL gives the Airpark to the city of Wilmington so they can possibly attract some sort of new business's to help these people out.
  2. Red Dawn

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    Saw it to..was in the paper about last summer about that town
  3. daedalus

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    DHL is scum.
  4. drewed

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    DHL is dealing with the reality of the world wide of economy, theyve never been profitable here and since theyre subsidised by the German gov't they need to answer the the German people....UPS can afford to wait things out when we expand out we'll lose money for a little while but we have the massive logistics infrastructure DHL doesnt have.
  5. cheddar

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    What just drives me crazy about the news coverage of the DHL shutdown, is they only mention figures that include DHL employees and those Astar and ABX employees at the airpark as being the only casualties... I never hear a report that includes the thousands of contractor employees that are out of or will soon be out of work. I saw a chart two months ago that added up all the station closures that occured last year up to those planned closures this week, add in the DHL employees and those in Wilmington, and we're looking at nearly 40,000 people out of work! THAT is the real impact of the DHL shut down. Why doesn't the news report it?
  6. 705red

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    Because as a contractor your are not really an employee! Sorry to say it but it is the truth!
  7. 705red

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    Cmon drew? Your smarter than this post! FedEx and ups are still making profits, might not be as high as they were last year, but profits (Feb 3rd we will see).

    Dhl undercut shipping rates to the point that it could not turn a profit. The nazis i mean germans bought airborne and were willing to lose money in the beginning like many company's do to grow and get your brand out there. is a perfect example, years before they made one dime of profit.

    Dhl came in gins blasting with plans on putting ups and fed ex out of business. They fell a little short of their goals! They just could not compete with our service, and that is what a lot of customers want, dependability!
  8. daedalus

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    40,000?? Puleaze! Gimme a break. DHL did not mean that much to the US economy.

    Why not count lemonade stands in Wilmington too then if you're counting every business affected?

    I for one am sorry for the people losing their jobs, but I am glad DHL failed.