DHL to Offer Kiosks at Walgreens


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DHL to Offer Kiosks at Walgreens In Major Expansion for Shipper - Wall Street Journal

DHL Worldwide Express Inc. will offer shipping services in virtually all of Walgreen Co.'s stores, a move that will more than double the amount of retail outlets offering DHL Express services nationally.

The Deerfield, Ill., pharmacy chain said the rollout will begin in Illinois and Florida in April and expand to the rest of its locations by the end of 2008.


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FedEx had kiosks in the Walgreen's in Denver as a test market. They were touch screen self-service kiosks. We decided not to continue the program b/c it wasn't producing any volume. I ran a pup route with multiple Walgreen's on it, since they are popping up everywhere, and was lucky to get even a single piece from most of them. It was a complete waste of time and money, glad we tested it before rolling it out nationwide. DHL can have it! Not to mention, the place were the kept packages until we picked them up was locked and you had to find the photo counter employee to unlock it for you, they aren't exactly in a hurry to do anything.