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    I just started recently using this device on my own. I don't want to keep asking my supervisor for each question that I may have for him, because he has a lot of people to supervise. I have been delivering in a Residential area only & all of a sudden the Screen Changed to make sure you make time sensitive delivery. So these 3 Time sensitive deliveries went to the top of my Screen List. My supervisor said that I didn't have to do that because it was not a Com. delivery. Just a Res. delivery. How do i get back to the original order of my Deliveries?

    Thank you
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    As long as there are at least two address's. Small arrow down to where you want at the top and hit the left arrow button, that should put it to the top.
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    ask over and over , Thats better than doing it wrong you will be ok
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    Designate those stops as Residential and they will go back to their original spot in EDD.
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    Use the scroll up key, highlight the stop and press rec/comm
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    The res/com key is f4 after you have shifted to the top line of choices listed at the bottom of the screen... once you designate them as resi s the commit time goes off the savers and they go back into edd in the order they were in before.
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    Thanks to all of you that responded to my question. It seems that every day something new shows up on my Screen. Today I see a C Before the address. So I called up my Sup. & told me that the regular driver Picks Them up. 1 Less thing for me to worry about. This one house that I deliver to everyday it says after Scanning No DR Allowed. I was told by a few people that it was A Sig. Required by UPS. My Sup. told me that I'm probably getting to that Screen because I'm Hitting F5 twice. I told him that I hit the F5 button just like all of my other deliveries without any problems. But when It comes to this one address I always get the NO Dr Notice. Evidently this address doesn't require a SIG. I'm still trying to figure out why this keeps on occuring.
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    No DR means that the address in question is a high claim address. You must either get a signature or accept a signed delivery notice.
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    Upstate what is "high claims procedure?" I had a res stop where this message came up. Common sense said these people make a lot of claims so i always get a signature when i go there but i keep forgetting to ask people when i get back to the shop.
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    High claims are where the consignee has become a financial liability to the company. They order merchandise and then claiim they never received it.

    If you have a Basic package for one of these addresses you can hit Rel Num--this will assign a release number to the package and you can then safely DR and complete the stop. All other packages require either a signature or a SDN.
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    I am a casual, im not sure i would even want to DR a basic there. I know i can but i don't want to make any waves. If i don't DR a basic aren't i forced to make it a pickup in the DIAD ?
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    Basics are to be delivered on the first attempt. Shippers are not allowed to make claims on Basics.
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    Have you ever not DR a basis? I del to one sketchy apt complex and one time i tried to not DR a basic because there were a lot of people watching me and it forced me to choose pickup.
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    Yes---I will not release a Basic outside of an apartment complex with a locked entry door and high foot traffic. I will not release a Basic to a closed business. Beyond that, everything else is fair game.
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    So if i wanted to skip to a later section in my board (ex: a poorly numbered section you want to get done before dark), navigating to the start of that section and then hitting the backspace button will lock that to the top? It is really annoying having to arrow down 3 or 4 pages after each complete.

    Also, is there a way to hide the scheduled pickups from being listed along with deliveries in the whole view of EDD?
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    From what I picked up playing extensively with DIAD IV while helping out this season.

    After you list out all the packages but you forget to do F5 - (delivery location) before hitting the check mark, it will nag you "signature required" on upper right.

    If leaving behind isn't permitted, you'll see an "n" in address list (EDD). High light the one, and push F3/notes and it will tell you something like "high claim" (push F to get back to list). Also when you try to do leave at the door, it will beep and pop up "NO DR allowed" or something.

    i.e. n123 S Main St. The "n" might have something that prevents leaving it behind, or something like "don't walk in the yard"

    What my driver tells me to do is do NonDel, NotIn, specify the attempt # leave an InfoNotice with the option filled in for "written permission required".

    When you return the next day, you do "deliver" and from the screen where you see all the icons, choose "SDN", type in the name as printed on back of the form, stop complete and when it asks for the option, make sure the alpha toggle is off and push 1(residential).

    If there is no note and nobody's home, then you do NotIn again and specify 2, or 3 depending on if its your 2nd or 3rd attempt.

    What's the difference between "shipper release" and note that says "SHPR: DR 1st attempt" ?
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    Hi UpstateNYUPSer Like i said in my earlier post my SUP. seems to think that I hit the F5 button twice. I told him that the no DR always appears on this guys address, he does receive a lot of packages. But I told my SUP that how can I be hitting the F5 button twice if all of my other deliveries go through without any problems. I'm doing the exact same thing for this guys address with the No Dr as i do for all other deliveries. So what should I do after i scan the package & then the no DR shows up. Do I hit Big Arrow down then Sig. Icon & then Enter. After they sign press Sig. Icon Then type in customers name & then press enter Icon. Then Hit Check Mark(Stop Complete) & then Press 1? Thanks for your help In advance.
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    I believe you have to use the escape button to back out.
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