Did everyone else get paid time and a half for this past Saturday?

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I was talking to a fellow worker today and he stated he got paid time and a half for Saturday. I have been here 11 years and i have always been told that when a holiday falls on a weekday the 6th day is straight pay. I looked at my check and they also paid me time and a half.

I would have asked a union steward but the new hub does not have one yet.

if you work Monday-Saturday and one weekday was a paid holiday you get time and a half pay on Saturday. Holidays are considered a punch, contract says 6th punch is straight overtime.


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In the Central, if there is a paid Holiday during the week, your workweek is only 4 days, and your 5th day would be time and a half.

Article 12

Section 8

In a scheduled workweek in which there is a paid holiday, the guaranteed workweek shall be thirty-two (32) hours; in any scheduled workweek in which there are two (2) paid holidays, the guaranteed workweek shall be twenty-four (24) hours, etc. For hours worked in excess of thirty-two (32) or twenty-four (24) hours in a week, as applicable, an employee shall be paid at the rate of one and one-half (1 1/2) time the regular straight-time rate, provided the holiday or holidays fall within the scheduled workweek.