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    Fred Smith, is the founder, chairman, president, and CEO of FedEx

    Smith became a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity and Skull and Bones. In his college years, he was a friend of George W. Bush. Smith is a supporter of Senator John McCain's 2008 Presidential bid, and has been named McCain's National Co-Chairman of his campaign committee. Some have speculated that Smith might have a role as an economic advisor in a theoretical McCain administration. I'm glad McCain lost.
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    Thank you for the update on what has been discussed here in depth for several months prior to the election; in fact, there have been threads in which this topic has been specifically discussed and there is a current thread in which the topic of Obama and unionizing FedEx is being discussed.
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    Amen. Smith would have done everything possible to undermine unions and the rights of working people in general as part of a McCain administration. I am very glad that Smith wasted millions on an abortive McCain campaign. Now he'll have to work extra hard to buy himself some Democrats.
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    The search function is your friend
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    we have a search function?:surprised::surprised:
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    Yes, under Search Function type in "Search Function".