Did Your Center Stay Open?

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    Before peak we opened an additional building about 2 tenths of a mile up the road and had about 120 drivers going out of there to alleviate some of the volume pressure by reducing it to two buildings. We are on a 3 year lease but now that peak is over production is basically in the can for both buildings because volume has returned back to somewhat normal levels but is divided between two locations. They were suppose to make a decision on if we were shutting it down or not till at least next peak but to my knowledge they have decided to stay open.

    For example, what did they do with the two additional buildings in the Dallas ft worth area that they opened for peak? Anyone else experiencing this?
  2. upschuck

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    We also opened a different building for peak, and this week is suppose to be the last week it is open, everything back to normal on Monday. It was an 18 month lease, so it will reopen for next peak.
  3. airintrace

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    Although they say our building is staying open its hard to believe the amount of money they will be paying so that it could sit dormant. They paid a small ransom for sure. When asked why didn't you just buy it for that amount they said that if amazon for whatever reason decided to drop us tomorrow we would be in a heap of trouble.
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    Amazon leaving UPS for someone else (who?) is the greatest fear at UPS. It comes up at least two or three times a night at my hub.
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    First of all I'm assuming Amazon has some type of contract so couldn't just switch tomorrow without a major penalty.

    2nd I can't believe the wouldn't be able to sell the building or use it as collateral for a loan if need be during hard times.
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    Ba said the other day they are working on moving the work around again to make it work while it isn't peak. They basically rushed the plan and now they are having to fix their game plan.
  8. airintrace

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    The building is practically new. It's only a few years old but it has been for sale for a while and no takers. Looking like UPS was the saving grace for that particular owner. The firm would probably have to flip it for a loss if they had to.
  9. Bagels

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    UPS leased a former FedEx Ground building near mine. It lasted from October until Christmas Eve, when the package cars returned to the "normal" facility. Last Monday they went back to the FedEx Ground building but returned to mine on Thursday. Operations have been consolidated since Friday. Not certain what will happen next year... the ex-FedEx Ground building is in decrepit condition from what I hear, but has been vacant for about 8 years, so probably came cheap.
  10. brownmonster

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    My Center stayed open and still remains open.
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  11. barnyard

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    We have one of those trailer dealios in the parking lot that has spots for 10 cars. Still using it to load 6-7 cars a day.
  12. jumpman23

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    Hard times for UPS is going from 5 billion profit to 3 billion profit a year, id love to have that as a problem, I think id be ok though lmfao.
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    Hopefully maybe 2016 n next 2 or 3 years they will start spending on the infrastructure. A lot of old over capacitated centers every year. Wish theyd quit wasting money on stupid stuff like Orion etc and all the other garbage they waste money on. Use that money for the centers. You can only fix a leak for so long and eventually you have to repair it.
  14. scooby0048

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    My building added a dock for 3 cars. That was the biggest project they undertook. Big whoop!
  15. beentheredonethat

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    Usually the language in most contracts isn't hard for customers to break the contract. Sometimes there is a monetary penalty but often the competitor may pay the penalty to win the volume. As to where would amazon go they can give more to the post office and their own fleet they will build along with courtier svc companies.
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  16. Baba gounj

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    What other carrier has the interstructure to handle such a large volume of packages ?
    And without doing damage to their current shippers ?
  17. Austin.Was.My.Hero

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    Our "doghouse" (what the trailer you're referring to is called at my hub) is no longer attached to the side of the building but still sitting in the corner of the parking lot.

    I'll feel much more relieved once its gone for good.
  18. Baba gounj

    Baba gounj pensioner

    we call them doghouses to .
  19. I think a few people cried tears of joy when ours showed up. We were loading 6 trucks outside all year. No wind and heat now. Happy happy happy.
  20. Bottom rung

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    Until the city finds out that the company is using it as a permanent structure.