How does my husband get off the sups radar & keep job when orion is never questioned?


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Ahhhhh...might be tranny Gumby?


before orion I would beat my route by about an hour a day. After orion I'm lucky if I lose to it by only an hour a day. Luckily for me our supervisors at our location all think orion is the spawn of a cracked out retarded demon. So we don't get any negativity about it from them.


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Holy hell! Did you even breathe while writing this Great Wall of Text???? Good luck getting anyone to read it. I couldn’t even read all of it and I usually stick it out. I seriously think you have set a BC record for longest, rambling posts.

Also, where is your husband and why are you playing Mommy for him?
Just because YOU have issues with reading, doesnt mean you should try to drag everyone else in with you. I made It through unscathed. It sounds like someone is trying to pressure the man into quitting, which is not unheard of…