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    Thought Dilligaf might find this interesting. Took a pic of one of our trailers with this tactfully written on it. :surprised: Seems to be the growing attitude in our department lately with all the BS we are having to put up with. Nothing like having the boss looking over your shoulder pumping you for answers ranging from 10 point commentary to what color underwear he might be wearing.(being facetious of course) I'm waiting for the hat mounted cameras and the new instructions on how to defecate properly since they seem to come up with a new rule for everything else every week. :biting:
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    LOL Chev. DILLIGAF is a statement that I rarely see outside the biker community. It does 'speak' volumes, doesn't it. :happy-very:
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    :bigsmile2: (I'll take the dumb one!!! lmao hmmm the smart one looks good too.) :happy-very:

    It's the first time I've ever seen it written on a trailer. Instantly thought of you dilli. :wink2:
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    Ahhh...she would be the smart one.:happy-very:
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    Well, I am definately not blonde (although the blonde ain't bad looking), in many senses of the word. LOL
    Thanks for pointing out the website Cache. I will have to bookmark that and check out what they have. I can see some expenses on my credit card coming.:happy-very:
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    Can't go wrong there. That dude is hot too.
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    LOL Not bad:wink2: