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  1. Saul Goodman

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    . . . discussing pros and cons of moving from package handler to supervisor. I am a recent seasonal hire. Management was suggested as an option at my package handler interview . . . which I declined. I am mainly doing this for the exercise and to clear my head from lots of fog in my other career. I am actually a Certified Financial Planner. Yes, I know that's really f'd up that I'm working the graveyard at a UPS warehouse. It is what it is.

    I think it would be a "no brainer" for me to be a supervisor if I were not prohibited from helping my team do the actual work. I'm sorry, but I just do not get the whole, "if you touch a box, we're going to file a grievance" thing. Where I come from, managers who are too important to do any of the work . . . are managers that everyone hates. I don't want to be hated.

    Another question I have is whether or not I'm going to piss people off if I do the Driver Helper training and work as a helper for a week or so . . . and then stop calling in. I'm mainly just interested in seeing more of the operation - really don't have time to take away from my business during the ordinary work-day. But I am very curious to learn as much as a I can.

    I really gotta say that I like the work. I'm truly at the bottom of the totem pole - unloader. The people I've met are good folks, and many are more self-satisfied (and more pleasant to work with/for) than many multi-millionaires to whom I've provided financial over the years.
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    The UPS Partners forum contains most of the discussions about going into management. Try looking around in that forum.
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    Ready, Aim, ...
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    Are you married? children?
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    Does Integrety have a new screen name?

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    Yes and yes.
  8. Saul Goodman

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    Thank you, Cheryl.
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    If you are a package handler for the exercise and enjoy unloading....why would you even think about going into management to begin with? Only exercise PT sups get is grabbing their ankles.
    As for as not getting the mentality of filing a grievance if a sup touches a box. Of course you don't, because you're new here. Packages are union work. Sups can write on their little clipboards and scratch their balls...and leave the real work to us.
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  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You want to waste everyone's time by playing helper for a week and then leaving? Do us a favor and leave now.
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  12. Saul Goodman

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    Nah. Why don't you do me a favor and go see a surgeon and see if you can get that brain-warping chip on your shoulder sewn up? Until then, GTFO my thread.
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  13. Saul Goodman

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    This helps. Thanks.
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    I like this guy already.
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    Better call Saul
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  17. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

  18. Dr.Brown

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    Saul, if you join Mgt. you will have to pay for your families insurance.
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    Best Thread
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    I think your desire to work as a helper to see another side is interesting but please stay for the duration. It is frustrating to train a helper and develop a rapport and routine only to have the helper bail after a week. The best helpers I have had were teammates. We each had our roles but worked well together. If they had bailed before the end of peak and I had to start from square one peak week with a newbie I would be ticked.