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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by altstewie, Apr 22, 2010.

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    I have a question about disability. Im on short-term disability now. Is there anything in the contract that could be filed on for not paying the disability. I have had positive xray for my injury so theres no way i could be faking what i have.

    Basically the insurance company is saying a nurse is looking at your records and its been 2 weeks of nurses looking at records. When i got first put on disability it was only a 1 day turnaround when medical records were submitted.

    Im a big stopper of supervisors working in my building. Sometimes im lenient in certain situations. I have let my management know of the situation. They said on the phone they would help in any way they can. Anyone have similar situations. In the past i have had work comp issues and took UPS to court and won (which basically started my need to support the union.) Im thinking my leniency should end if they're not going to be helping me. What do you think?
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    It takes about a month before you will see any payments from liberty mutual or met life.
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    if it's a Central States Disability..........I believe the payments are via Central States.......just make sure that you saw a MD within 2 days of your last day of work, and it's fully documented
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    Thanks for the comments, but i talked to the union steward, and I believe management has gotten a hold of Aetna so everything is fixed. They did not want me in a bad mood when I came back to work. This is exactly what needs to happen. Actions speak louder then words by UPS Management. When management can come through for you, its one; easier to work with them about contract issues; but 2, its also a lot more enjoyable to work for them.