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    I worked for UPS from 1995 to 2002 part time. I became disable in 2009 ( not at Ups) and havr been recieving my social security since. Social Security since me a letter about a month after my benefits began. The letter was informing me that I have a private penson benefit. I have contacted UPS and received 4 different answers. Can anyone help?
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    You were vested after 5 years at UPS so, yes, you will receive a (small) pension when you turn 65.

    I don't what affect, if any, this will have on your SS.
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    According to Social Security this pension will not affect my benefits with them. They seem to think since I'm already receving my benefits from them I would be considered retired. So, would I qualify for early retirement?
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    Double check on the age for receiving pension. I received letter from ups stating mine would start at age 62

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    you may not have enough accumulated hrs. to retire i was a part timer for 17 yrs. if you do have enough hrs. for retirement be sure you apply for disability retirement because if you apply for early reitrement and are not 55 yrs. of age you will pay a 6% penality a year for early retirement. if you are recieving social security disability ups has to grant you disability retirement the go by the the rules as ssd goes by so if you are getting ssd they cant turn you down for disability retirement. I just went thru this in 2012 with them and was approved for disability retirement from ups.
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    I'm working on getting my ssd. What is the deal with the disability pension? Do they not penalize you for drawing it? I'm only 42 and due to an on the job injury at ups I'm going to have to go the ssd route. I've got 17 years package car. Do you know how to tell how much you will draw. I haven't gotten ssd yet so I don't want to call the local and start all that without the approval from ssd yet. Thanks
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    I'm on SSd from 2010 ,worked for 15 years ,part time ,can I have pension right ?
    I have 54 years, must go out work for Colon Ca ,
    I never received answer from retirement office about my plan , anybody can help me? Need a lawyer?
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    You were vested after 5 years. You're owed something for your pension, depending on how early you "officially" retire and if you have credit for all of your years.
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    What is the contact info at UPS to find out the particulars (when you can collect, amount, etc) about collecting part time pension. Earned over 10 but less than 20 years credit. Was never FT.