Disqualified vs Part Time

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    I see alot of posts from upsers on here that when they start there 30 day probation as a FT driver they arn't up to par in terms of the hubs management needs so they quote on quote "be moved to part time" as either a pt air driver, pt shuttle driver, pt inside/air combo, or just a pt driver.

    Is this always the case as oppose to just getting disqualifed from driving ..? because i know that if you started working inside the hub..if for whatever reason you dont make your 30 days by the contract agreement you have the option to go back to your regular position inside the hub. But what are the chances you be moved to a different position like the ones i stated above because based off alot of threads on here that happens to be the case. What are the steps taken into deciding that you are eligibile to switch to another kind of driving position as oppose to working your old job inside the hub or is this also on the contract too?
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    Depends on how who’s and how much
    Ass you sniff
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    if you are a trash employee that drags ass while hiding behind the contract you end up getting trash jobs

    that’s what most of those posts are about
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    Decent, it wouldn’t hurt to ask if they DQ you before your 30 days are up.