Hey! I was wondering what I should do in my situation, I've been working as an air driver for a bit and enjoy it.
I want to go full-time but my hub is only air and all drivers are PT except for the few FT air drivers from other hubs who do shuttle in the morning at our hub. Most of the drivers around me have 5-15+years of PT seniority, I'm at the bottom, and the closest to me is 2yrs of seniority PT. Would my hub even get a 22.4 bid sheet? Would I be able to dovetail my seniority into another center's bid sheets?

I read through the National and Southern Supplement contracts, but couldn't find anything specific to a situation like mine.
Thank you if you can provide any information or advice :).
Sounds like you have to transfer to a different building
There isn't much in the contract in regards to transfers, how does it usually work? going from air PT to another building would I keep my air driver position? would I lose seniority? I don't have much so I'm fine losing it if it allows me to make progress towards 22.4/rpcd


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In my local it was one bid sheet in every building that local covered. ( 5 )
Word of advice- Always sign up on every bid sheet, even ones you know there ain't a chance of getting it.
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