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    Just wondering if anyone knows the rules about this? I was on my 5th day of driving and just made a stop and got back in the truck and got up to speed and as I was driving I saw a cars reverse lights come on when I was about 10 -15 feet from the driveway so I honked the horn, I didnt feel I could stop the car safely or in time, and she still keep coming and struck me in the rear driver side bumper. This was over a week ago and they still don't know if I will be disqualified or not, a supervisor and a driver on the safety committee said its not my fault, but the supervisor also said he thought if anything happens in the 30 day is automatic dq? a union steward told me not to worry because he dosen't see how they can dq me for an wreck that's not my fault? Does anyone else know about this?
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    Heard of this going both ways in my little corner of the world though things were looser the last time a driver got hired with an accident while on packet in our neck of the woods. I am going to imagine this largely rests on matters outside your control at this point.

    Wish you the best... sometimes Lady Luck swings against you and you don't have the skill to overcome. Lady Luck had a thing or two to say about my packet timing... there are two street hires above me in seniority as a result but I made the list when my chance finally came around. Keep your head up and don't lose sight of the goal if you really want it.
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    In my part of the woods, we had casuals in the same position as you,
    they gave them another chance, management said we have to much
    invested in them so they got a 2 chance. Good Luck
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    I have been waiting for this for over 6 years and for some girl hitting me do decide my career would be messed up I hope your right
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    When did this happen,
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    I have a feeling that this or something real similar happened in my neck of the woods.
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    I had a teenager rear end me at a red light when I had 23 days in,and as it wasn't my fault i wasn't DQ'd
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    I have also seen it go both ways. Nothing you can do but put in your time and see what happens. Chances are, if they were going to DQ you, they would have done it already.
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    If you have the potential they find a way to keep you driving. If you don't have the potential they find a way not to keep you driving. Some don't understand this concept in an every driver is equal environment.
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    Kiss :censored2: for now, and if you get DQ'd chat with lawyer to see if you can go after her for damages. Buy lots of chapstick, best of luck to you.
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    It's this. Having done quite a bit of driving already(seasonal, etc) was killing the training route early on. Then suddenly it was add/cuts all over the place. Was sweating it. No way can I make scratch with the center manager along for the ride. Figured I was done for. Then the ride along day comes. They basically soft tossed me a cake dispatch, and the center manager was helping the whole time. She even bought me lunch. As shady as it sounds, early on they decide if they want you or not, then will either help you bring it home, or bury your ass so they can DQ you. Would assume if it's still up in the air, they probably want you.
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    If you have still been driving, then I would say your good. Chapstick may not work, I would suggest Carmex ! Good Luck to ya !
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    You where 5 days in when this happened. Now you got another week driving with no word.

    Obviously, they are seeing IF they want to keep you. If you perform and give them the numbers they want, they will keep you. If they feel the next guy on the list can out perform you they will they will cut you loose. We had a guy back into something and was DQ. While another guy did almost the exact same thing and got seniority.
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