Dividends in a Plain Brown Wrapper

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    Dividends in a Plain Brown Wrapper - Motley Fool

    United Parcel Service is everywhere. Like Coke, like Nike, like Donald Trump, UPS delivery trucks seem to be double parked on every street you try to hurry down. You might even think this company owns the package delivery world, even though it contends daily with FedEx, foreign-owned DHL, and the U.S. Postal Service. But when it comes to seemingly being everywhere at once, Brown has it covered.

    Fellow Fool Rex Moore included UPS in a list of potential "corporate El Dorados" -- companies that share a long history of paying and growing dividends. The best way to take advantage of such a stock is to keep it for the long haul and reinvest those dividends. If that kind of investing whets your whistle, Brown may look good on you.
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    Great advice, I've been reinvesting those dividends from the first day.
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    I saw where UPS finally reached a 3% yield. UPS needs to get it up to 4% yield to really enter the "Dividend Club" of premium stocks.
    A good way to do that is to increase our more profitable packages while reducing the less profitable packages.