Division Manager completely out of touch - how did I let myself get so screwed


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Welcome to UPS! The exact scenario you laid out in that wall of text, has been going on all over the company since the '90s.

Yes, they did use you as a mule. You were convenient meat to be tossed into the meat grinder, and then fed to the dog after peak.

UPS is unlike any other company, and their management is totally against the hourly union members. They do this hundreds of times to hundreds of new drivers, every year. Although, some centers and some Locals are worse than others.
You’re comparing ups to non union companies. The brilliant minds of bc lol


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I'm trying to figure how 19 and 20 year olds could jump you in seniority for driving ... seeing as you can't drive until you're 21. And when exactly did these people allegedly qualify ahead of you? Not during peak obviously especially not if they were allegedly using helpers. The rest of your story sounds about normal, but this part about 19 and 20 year olds jumping you is bogus.


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Delivered EAMs and NDA and PM letterbox pick ups. Actually made more money being layed off.
Say HEY.
Do what you gotta do 👍.

Don’t understand but… yeah you’re making it work.

On a side note. What’s up with your weather? Our local channel is making it out like your suffering.