Do seasonal drivers get back pay?

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  1. Hi there, new to the forum and didn't see anything regarding this.

    My question is with the new contract starting driver pay is $18.75. So if/when this gets ratified will all of us seasonals receive back pay for the difference as well, or is that only for FTers?

    If it makes a difference, I've been offered a position doing local sort and will be hired permanent pt as of Jan 20.


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    Good question. Been asked many times. If you are a current employee when the contract is passed, yes. If not, no. Has not been passed yet.
  3. Will it matter that I won't be working for a week before I am officially hired as PT?

    I know this is probably a question for the union guys in my center but it seems quite a few of them are puzzled by it as well.
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    As the contract has not been signed yet I would say no, you will not receive a retro check. When you are hired permanent and have joined the union, you well have a better argument. By then the time to file will have run out. Welcome to the world of collective bargaining. If you do win it will pay for your union dues.
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    The answer is NO. You were contracted at a set price and our new contract has no bearing on you as a seasonal worker.

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    It's been asked here several times and unfortunately nobody has provided a definitive answer. I've contacted my business agent over my own situation -- the new contract raises the helper pay rate here, which would net me close to $800 in back pay for the season -- and even cannot provide a definitive answer to this long-time union employee. At this point, he tells me that retroactive raises will apply toward all regular work performed by bargaining members while covered by the CBA, but he's unclear as to whether it will apply to temporary/seasonal worked performed by bargaining members.
  7. I guess I'm not in a position to really whine about it because they haven't deducted any union dues from my check. Though I'd think that those temps that did pay dues should be entitled to it.
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    Sounds like someone is going to have to file and take it all the way to panel to set precedence.
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    This is the right answer.