Do They Tell Ya?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by bubsdad, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. bubsdad

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    Does the management where you work try to keep everything a secret until it happens? Our management team absolutely refuses to talk about runs being gained or cut. To the point of denying when drivers ask. I can't figure this out, other than noone wants to be the one that "spilled the beans". I've talked to drivers from other regions and they say their guys let them know what's going on. I don't understand why things are kept so secret.
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    My Management team does the same damn thing. If you ask a question about whats going on they always say "I have no Idea. No buddy tells me anything" It does get very annoying.
  3. Dustyroads

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    Funny thing, a few years ago we had a supervisor who had been a driver in the old days with me. And, he would leak all of the info to me about new stuff about to happen or about drivers' issues. He would look for me to tell me a big secret. I think it drove some of the center manager's we had crazy.
  4. it seems to be pretty easy info to get around here, but I may be mistaken. Then again I know when they cut add routes in my center as I check on DMS at the start of every morning and a couple times throughout the day to monitor bulk stops for my loaders. :wink2:
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    Our management team just hide bid sheets and say a certain person didn't sign them just to keep that person from going to feeders. That's how our management team joke. One call to district manager and the bid sheets magically appear.
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    West, you are part of management. They only keep things from you that you need to know. LOL

    Budsdad, it's the same here (in operations) no one ever knows anything until the last minute. I think it's their way of pushing stuff threw without dialog with or input from hourly. They simply don't want our opinion on anything.
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    Wow. It never dawned on me that our local management was witholding information. I just thought none of them knew a darn thing.
  8. lol I meant for others, I know I can usually get what I need to find as I'm pretty well versed in our computer programs in addition to daily operations.