Do you get paid for Thanksgiving/Black Friday.

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    Just curious by what people are saying on this forum. Before I even started working, they gave me a paper saying the days we have off, and Thanksgiving/Black Friday were one of them. We are supposedly suppose to get paid 4hrs for those days, but I'm not sure if things have changed or whatnot. Does anyone know? (Loader btw).
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    These are both paid holidays and assuming you worked on Wednesday you will get paid for both days.
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    and again if you work fri like i have to
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    or your next sheduled shift..... but it depends on the local our new employees dont get holiday pay till after 6 months
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    In the New England Supplement, ours are eligible for holiday pay once they obtain seniority. Vacation cover people are also eligible once they are on the payroll for 90 calender days and work 3 days in that payroll period. Also, under our supplement, seniority people only have to work one day in the week of a holiday to get paid for it.
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    You guys might want to check this out before answering this question. It depends on the time the part-time employee has in. I think I read he has about 3 months in another thread so it would be very close.

    Article 22
    Part-Time Employees​

    Section 7 – Benefit Entitlements

    Part-time employees hired after August 1, 2008 will receive holidays, personal days and option days provided by any applicable Supplement, Rider, or Addendum no earlier than after one (1) year of active employment. This provision supersedes any provision on the same subject in any Supplement, Rider, or Addendum to the extent the provision makes holidays, personal days or option days available earlier than after one (1) year of service.
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    His join date here is July 2008 so based on that he should be OK.
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    I actually went to the tour on the 28th of July, did the interview and was told to come back 2 weeks later. Dam..I think I do fall under that category. This sucks...
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    The other trick that UPS used here is to call everyone that is a new hire part-time employee that starts between May 1st and August 31st a "vacation replacement" which is allowed in the contract. They do this even if the sorts are low on employees and they are actually going to keep them on as permanent.

    So even the part-timers that were hired before August 1, 2008 wouldn't be counted because they weren't officially hired as permanent employees until September 1st.

    They used to do this only to screw the employee out of insurance for a few extra months (and I am sure they will continue to do it). This time they also got the bonus of screwing them out of their holiday pay for a year...:knockedout:
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    But if they do not lay them off their original seniority date will count. And if they do lay them off, its important that no non union employee performs any of that work!

    We have won these grievances already, and in package we have them filed now because they were laid off and air drivers picked up grounds on that day.
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    In the Central Region if these employees are worked after Labor Day, then the days they worked prior count towards seniority, but their seniority date is the first day worked after Labor Day which is still after August 1, 2008. So they got screwed out of health insurance and holiday pay for a year.

    The only way I have been able to beat this in the past is if the company didn't have the employee sign a "vacation replacement form" that notified them that they are a seasonal employee only.

    The company usually sneaks these forms in with all of the other massive amount of paperwork so the employee swears they didn't sign one, but the company almost always comes up with a copy with the employee's signature on it...
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    Who voted that garbage in?
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    Well it is National language so I guess everyone except Local 710 & 705 did. I haven't seen their contracts to know if they have similar language or not...
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    Full-time drivers.
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    Do you think after 5 years this person was waiting for your response?
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    It's a paid holiday for us and if we chose to work it's double time.
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    Or Monday following