Does anyone have LECMPA suspension/termination insurance?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by oldpaddy, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. oldpaddy

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    Just wondering what you think of it, have you had to use it, pros, cons, etc.
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    Don't think I will ever qualify. According to the FAQ, "you must be free of discipline or any incidents which might lead to discipline for the three years immediately preceding your application". If I ever make it three years without a warning letter or another frivolous working terminations, maybe I will consider it. I consider three months without a trip to the Post Office to pick up a warning letter to be a minor accomplishment let alone three years. Would calling in sick be considered an incident which might lead to discipline? What about filing a grievance in the three years preceding your application...filing grievances can lead to discipline.
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    I just follow the methods and talk to Jesus every morning when I get up in the middle of the day at lunch and right before I go to bed. This is my insurance and it works for me.
  4. 5Angels

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    The way things are now.... UPS is firing everyone for any reason at all. I would say It's a good Idea to have the Insurance( Ya never know).On the other hand, I really believe that It's sad that we have gotten to this point,and our union Is telling us about this Insurance....
    In Local 804,Hoffa hates us.......NOT the ROW A... E board....He likes/liked them. Im talking about the members.He cant stand us! If we get this guy out, we might actually have some kind of pull.
    Hoffa hates the new eboard and we all know he's in bed with UPS. Maybe Ken the International finally woke up and grew some tomatoes and decided not to run with Hoffa.
    Anyways, My Point Is......."Why" did we get to this level that allows UPS to walk out any member at anytime for anything they believe( make-up) Is dishonesty,And now we are told to get Insurance...........
    Remember...If u drink or steal u will be fired.....Thats out the window...They have changed the contract to "WTF can we make up and just say its dishonesty to walk an employee out" Why? Because UPS knows that not everyone Is capable or willing to fight them and they will give up.......It's a game to them to see If they can break you.......... I mean to wait for an arbitration( please don't tell me who's fault it is..I know) for 7 months?
    The company has changed..Thats It. U either go along or get fired..........Im really hoping this changes with some strong actions from our Union.

    So"CYA" and get the Insurance......You never know!
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    Sorry , I made paragraphs for above post and even edited and fixed it twice,but it didn't work
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    For future reference if you leave out the are able to form paragraphs.
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    lol I wondered about that myself.

    Does anyone have it or know anyone who does?
  8. Bubblehead

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    Not exactly the case. You need to be at least 3 years removed from a suspension or discharge of more than 10 days to be eligible for a policy. Seems like a no brained trouble me with discharges for "avoidable" accidents over $4400 resulting in discharge.
  9. Bubblehead

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    I'm curious to know if any other BC'ers have one of these policy's?