Does insurance cease at 65?

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    Retired from Local 710. I was told by Aetna last summer my insurance would stop at 65. So I purchased a Supplemental Policy in Feb 2014. In April, Aetna sent me a letter saying I was not allowed 2 supplemental policies and to cancel my new one. On 2 separate phone calls with Aetna in April, they told me my insurance was for my lifetime. So I cancelled the supplemental policy end of April. Today, I received the new UPS Health and Welfare Book, and it said policy would cease month of 65th birthday. I contacted Aetna, agent said I was under a different policy and mine was for life. So I read her what the book said. She connected to another agent who said my policy was not in effect. Yet, I received a reimbursement 4 days ago on a Prescription claim. I contacted former insurance company to renew policy, but now it's past the 6 month window to apply so it has to go to underwriting, which could be a problem, past heart surgery. Called Local 710, they were no help at all. Is anybody over 65 and retired from 710? Is insurance still good?
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    At 65 we all have to switch to Medicare I think. I don't know what Aetna sold you. A Medicare supplemental plan? I'm not 710 and your local does a lot of things differently than anyone else though.
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    I have or had, depending on which agent from Aetna you talk to, continuing coverage from my retirement date with Aetna. On 3 separate conversations, I was told Local 710 UPS was a separate plan and was for life. They even paid claims. But with the book we received I have no idea what insurance plan or with whom. And again, talking with Local 710 Health and Welfare, this just pass the buck down the line and don't want to help you.
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    I was in Central States or AM in CS.

    When retired, got on UPS Plan. Very good. Wife too.

    When turned 65, they said, "No can do. You HAVE to go on Medicare". I asked if I could just go on Medicare AND continue paying my $200 a month in addition. "No can do".

    Wife is turning soon. So she'll get bombarded with same stuff I was and then forced off UPS into Medicare.
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    in the west retirees health insurance, dental,vision etc. is a lifetime plan. when you turn 65 it becomes secondary to medicare. when you die your wife is still covered for her lifetime if she does not remarry.