Does switching unions allow you to still keep seniority?

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    Right now I'm about to get into Local 447 IAM union at my Metro Phila. hub for working out in the yard. Was wondering if I decided later on to switch positions to inside the warehouse doing package handling, and switch to Teamsters, would I keep my seniority, benefits and pay increases?

    I'm just curious is all, as to what I could do in the future at UPS. I've heard I could stay in the same union and become a mechanic or truck driver at my hub though.
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    Nevermind, I got my answer. Found it browsing the boards. Thanks.
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    Annnnnnd? I'm holding my breath.
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    Hey Charlie, Ya DEAD???

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    It's the same as starting as a new employee. No seniority. Start at bottom of pay scale.

    You get credit for years of service to determine the number or vacation weeks, other than that all seniority is lost.
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