doing mutiple jobs help.

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  1. LaUpser

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    Ok heres my problem currently I'm second lowest on local sort. An to help out the lowet guy we swap up from feeder to unloading package vars well now management decided to have me sort smalls as soon as I finishing loading or unloading and what makes me hot is they send home two guys that are capable of doing. This. I dont mind doing it if im getting paid for it. My question Is how do I go about getting more money or file a grievance about It.
  2. stink219

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    You are getting paid for it. Are you punching out and then still working?
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Isn't small sort one of the skilled positions and, if so, isn't there extra money for working the small sort?
  4. stink219

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    Sort and small sort is same pay. Only unload is unskilled. Unless that has been changed.