Don't Accuse Me of Blaming America..........

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Jan 5, 2011.

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    A little wordy at times, a little like sophistry; but quite interesting. Reflects quite a bit of my own feelings, at times.

    I would, perhaps, add that people who do criticize the government are often quite patriotic; so much so that they demand (or, at the very least, energetically expect) better from said government, in return for all that is given to the government - or maybe even just on basic principles. That is certainly not to imply that people who do not criticize the government are not patriotic, but it does occasionally seem like there is a feeling out there, as illustrated in the link, that any critique of the government is wrong or unjust.

    Good read.
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    Better step it up, k-mart.
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    Why are you trying to create a conflict where none exists? And what's with calling mac "k-mart"?
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    Its only wrong or unjust if you against the Messiah...:)
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    Hey Klein...try again...

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    Oh nevermind then (I guess the pic didn't work) - too bad.

    But, it is a good interessting article, and 1 reader commented just like I have in another thread ( the past 200 years of history).

    Here is what he had to write :

    You got to wonder whatever happened to the freedom demos from the 60-70's.

    Now, it's quite the opposite : Bush goes to war(s), and everyone cheers it on !
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    When I hear someone say “we might have caused it” by all of our government’s actions since 1900", I take it as WE...the people of the USA. I would like to know what WE did to deserve what happened on 9/11.
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    Isn't that what the whole article is all about ?
    YOU the people get sucked in by the governments, and trust them too much ?
    YOU the people didn't stand up and stop the government decisions (now , I'm certain wkmac will have a ball on this one).

    I know an another thread, you posted that atleast the USA is fighting for democracy and freedom, but what if THEY the people don't want it ?
    What if YOU the people decided on a libertarian government or even a communist government, would WE as the people then want to be invaded ????

    I say leave them alone, they can deal with it themselves. And only, if THEY the people ask for help, then react.
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    If I didn't want democracy & Freedom, then I wouldn't be an American. If you want anything else, you should probably live in another country...and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!!
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    You sure you have all that ? Democracy & Freedom ?
    Example : Dessert Storm.

    The president has the power to deploy troops for up to 90 days, without congressional approval.
    Is that democratic or is that freedom ?
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    Rigidly defining what freedom is seems contrary to the very concept of freedom.
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    ooooooooooooooooooooooo deep!
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    Go ahead and jump in, it's not as deep as you think :wink2:
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    "We live immersed in language so twisted and abused, in part by the design of interested parties and in part by the sloth of inattentive speakers and listeners, that we often fail to notice or object to linguistic miscarriages that pass for intelligent expression."

    I had to wonder if the OP's author was referring to himself. In reading ramblings of his type I often find myself wondering if he was perhaps using a topic as an excuse to link his verbage.
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    We allow fools into positions of power, even if we vote against them. Then when it hits the fan we sit on our asses, in utter shock, waiting for someone else to do something. I am ASTOUNDED BY THE IGNORANCE we allow into government. Some of the crap they pull and things they say really show a lack of higher intelligence. I don't know about you all but I want highly intelligent ppl running my country.
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    For re-election purposes, no party will do significate cuts or raise taxes.
    But, only 3 new presidencies away, SS and medicare/aid will run out of funds.

    That's when it really hits the fan !

    Maybe even sooner, if China can't or won't support the US deficit by then.
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    Warning: language
    This describes it well, IMO.

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    Damn I miss that guy.
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    That sums it up !