Doomed UPS plane lacked warning software update -NTSB report

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    Doomed UPS plane lacked warning software update -NTSB report - Yahoo

    Updated software would have given UPS pilots an earlier warning that they were too low before their cargo jet crashed in August, killing both crew members on approach to the Birmingham, Alabama, airport, a National Transportation Safety Board report concluded.

    An updated version of the warning system's software would have alerted the pilot 5-1/2 seconds before the Airbus A300 freighter, which was on automatic pilot until just before the crash, hit the trees, the study said.
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    Hmmmm ...
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    5 1/2 seconds at an airplanes closing rate still means you're hitting those trees.

    The plane not having the latest updates available are a bit of a problem none the less.
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    100 million dollar plane from Europe not equipped with electronic terrain warning system?