DOT 10 Hours Off Rule Explained please?

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    I'm a cover driver, not working more than a couple days a week right now. I recently started a janitor job at my wife's work. I'm trying to understand the DOT 10 hours off rule a little better. If I clean from 6 AM to 8:30 AM, am I not allowed to hop on a truck and drive starting at 9:15 AM due to the 10 hours off rule? Does this rule only apply to driving jobs, or do I need 10 hours off from cleaning before I can drive?
  2. Brownslave688

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    That would depend when you got off the previous night.
  3. hondo

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    If you didn't work from 8 PM until 6 AM, you had 10 hours off duty time, satisfying DOT reqs. At 6 AM when you start the cleaning job, your 14 hour on duty time starts, meaning you cannot drive the company truck (on the public roads) after 8 PM.
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  4. jbg77

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    From what I remember in class it only pertains if your other job is a driving job. I asked that specifically. Industrial equipment ex. Tractors, excavators, etc doesn't apply either.
  5. hondo

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    The only way any other job doesn't count towards DOT Hours of Service, is volunteer/charity work-unpaid.
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  6. PrimeUPS

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    Hondo is correct. 10 consecutive hours off. 14 hours on max. Only volunteer work is exempt, if you're being paid, it counts against your hours of service if you drive or not just like your total hours worked is counted, but you may only drive for a fraction of the day. We don't continuously drive a package car, right? Pretty simple.
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    Hondo is absolutely correct.
  8. brownstreak86

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    Perfect, thanks for answering my question Hondo.
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  10. jbg77

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    My bad I was wrong, or perhaps my instructor was.
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    Why does volunteering not count. Isn't the whole point of the DOT hour thing to not have tired drivers ?
  12. FrigidFTSup

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    It is so nonprofits have access to professional drivers that otherwise couldn't do it. There is similar language for pilots.