DQ'd from driving-need help


I began my driver training back in Jan 08 and been training with a supervisor for 18 days mainly running packages. I finally got to drive on my own last week (Friday) and today (Monday) I was DQ'd because I wasn't improving enough for them.
I told managment that this was not fair because I have been on the round only once and all the other times I like a driver helper.

What are my rights?

Also, I called in this morning to see if there was work for me and they tell me I am "on call', I found out later they send out 2 recently (last week) hired drivers with supervisors for driver route training.

What are my rights?


I took a road test, I had a sup ride with me for 5 days on feeders, took a few tests on the UPS intranet, then they turned me loose.....That was in November, and they told me they will call me back in for more training later..........


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I got two days training.
Next time they rode with me, they were only in my way.
You have the right to learn the job, quickly.

Same here, two days of training. Third day I was alone running like the wind and waxing someone's route. I learned to slow down now :), I know better.

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Honestly dude. If you've had 18 days of training and they STILL think your not improving. Delivering packages for UPS is just not in your future.

18 days of an on-road riding with you? It seems to me they gave you every opportunity to make the grade. So I can't see the Union winning this one and with the limited info you gave us I don't think the Union should go after this one for you.

It's not for everyone and at $32+ an hour at the end of this new contract UPS is going to be very selective on who gets through the process now.