DQ's in Driver first 30 days

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    I'm curious to know what constitutes as a disqualifiable action or nonaction in your first 30 days. I'm 3 days in and my superviosr/trainer told me that I wasn't "clearing" my intersections and told me that I have 2 "strikes" because of this violation. These 2 strikes happened within 1.5 hours of drive time. One more strike and I'm DQ'd. Is there any guideline or policy that states what will disqualify a driver?
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    It sounds like he doesn't like you.Your best course of action is to slow down when approaching EVERY intersection,look left right left,then proceed through.He wants to be sure that you can do the job without getting into an accident.The protocal varies geographically,but in your case,it seems the oncar sup training you feels that you are not taking the saftey aspect seriously enough.Make him happy,slow down.
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    maybe youre taking off once the light turns green? double check before you leave the intersection, as you come up to a green light glance both ways before you get to it
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    Well...it's hard to say what you're doing "wrong" without actually observing you. Just be sure you are doing things by the book. When approaching an intersection, you want to clear left, right, left. You also want to set a point of decision when approaching any intersection with a traffic light. When stopped at a traffic light, be sure to leave atleast one car length of space (space cushion) in front of you, as the light changes, you should be delaying at start up counting 1,2,3 to give the vehicle in front of you time to acclerate while giving you the proper following distance, and simutaneously clearing left, right, left again.

    Since your on-road sup is training you and deducting you with "strikes", why dont you ask him what exactly you are wrong, and what you can do to fix the issue. At this point in the game, his opinion is the only one that counts, regardless of whether it is "right or wrong".